Initially, to create an account Gmail needed an invitation. Some took advantage of this to sell on eBay. Today, this is already part of the past and anyone can open a Gmail account

Opening an account in login

  To open a Gmail account, go to Google and click on Gmail (located at the top): Click the button Create an account Complete the registration form: enter your name, choose your username; ie your Gmail e-mail address (it can be in the form ), choose a password, enter the mobile phone number which will be sent a code to verify your account and once completed form, you accept the terms and click on the button next step . Now we just need to step account verification. Enter your mobile phone and click on Call my phone with verification code You will receive a call from Google on your mobile phone and you will receive a verification code.Enter it in the box and click on Check Ready. Your account Gmail created.

What is the difference between a, Google account and a Google Plus profile

By creating an account on the mail service Gmail are automatically creating an account withGoogle , with which you can then access other personalized services (YouTube, Android, etc.).With this account you can also create a profile on the social network Google Plus . mail_logo_rgb_web

How to enter the Gmail inbox

As soon as you've signed up for Gmail, you inbox, which is the part where your emails are displayed. There you will have received your first mail, from the Gmail team, where you are welcomed. You will see that at the top there are three tabs, there are your emails divided by sections: Home , Social and Promotions.  
  • Access the menu settings of your Gmail account.
    Gmail change your password regularly. So you will strengthen the security of your email account. We recommend you to, at least every 6 months. To change the 'password' first thing you need to do is access your Gmail account with your current password and your username. Then click on the icon with the gear in the top right corner of the screen. a small menu will appear, click on the 'Settings' option.
  • 2Enter your new password two VECs.
    You're in the menu settings of your Gmail account. Now click on 'Account' in the top navigation. Now click on the 'Change Password'. Now you'll be taken to the page settings of your new password. Enter the original 'password' or the answer to your security question. Then enter the new password twice.
  • 3Tips for a strong password.
    To have a strong password you recommend combining numeric characters and letters. It is also recommended that renew every 6 months.
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