Aleppo used to be an economic hub of Syrian but now lies in ruins. The UK- based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Friday that dozens of overnight air strikes had struck east Aleppo, as fighting continued in Northern and Sourthern edges of the city. According to the Aleppo  Media Center , numerous no. of civilians has been killed and with some buried under debris. The biggest civilian hospital in the city has been burned and it was hit by phosphorous said by Ibrahim Abu Leith.

     This is the one of the most worst humanity crises ever but why is it still on the left- column of the newspaper? One of the biggest question that has arise in my mind. Are there any filters in our mind that distinguish international tragedies. Why we want to respond to the biggest and most devastating ( like Paris attack) . It is almost as if the small and minuscule do not deserve attention. So is there any confusion between foreign policy as etiquette and foreign policy as ethics. When false propaganda silences the power of ethics, something seriously becomes amiss.

     But one of the main reason behind this is the idea of failed states in Africa creates a web of stereotypes where Indians and other nations feel Islamic territories are volatile and therefore deserve what they got. But all these doesn’t conclude to that life of an innocent people in Aleppo is not important as civilians of people of Paris. We need to understand that life of every innocent is important, no matter what in which part of the world they are in.

    Today as Indians read the newspaper celebrating the Virat’s kholi celebration exploits or discuss the wisdom of demonetization, i hope they spare a moment for Aleppo and hopefully they will act on it. It’s time the little creativities of compassion and ethics enter our lives.


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