Whats happening in our society…


    We proudly say that india is a democratic nation where everyone has a right to speak and express their feelings. We live in a country where we talk abouy unity and integrity,but when it comes to help someone in deep need we step back. This is a story about a man who carried his wife’s dead body for 10km on his shoulder and no one supported him. His wife died due to some problem and this man pleaded for 5hrs but no one came to help. He then decided to carry her to do her cremation. India is a country where we try to deliver unity in diversity,we stand for our brothers whenever they are in need,we intend to deliver whatever we can but sometimes we forget the basic nature of humanity that is yo support everyhuman in need.

    We are a nation where emotions have a huge value than logics, we are a nature where we have unity in diversity, we have this culture of “Atithi devo bhava”. Through this blog i want to convey a message that irrespective of the caste, religion, status, image we should help everyone in need and make sure that no one has to plead for anything in future. What is the use of buying a care of 50 lacks whose windom will not open one someone is begging at its door. We should never forget our culture our religion wgo has taught us to help everyone needy and to make sure that no ine dies due to hunger of food,wealth,water,air,land etc. We are Indians and we should proudly cherish it.


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