What After Engineering- MBA or MS?


    You are already on a roll. Yes, you have covered two or say three years of engineering (could be the fun way or even the dedicated way – but that really doesn’t matter here). Now, I say, is the time to drill deeper. You could be an expert at this or you might still be  scratching your head. So, let’s sort out this confusion.

    Though the question can ponder in the minds of a fresher of any graduate discipline, it’s more common among engineering students who have just completed their degree. Earning attractive (if not insane) salaries and possibly even starting a career abroad sticks a big picture here. Yes, that’s all part of the peer pressure. So even before rummaging through those pros and cons of our rather incisive options, let’s make this tight spot a little more convoluted. That’s right! If you are a BE/B.Tech student, you have probably heard that a huge percentage of students opt for domestic options.

    On a side note, we are just brushing the odds streaming to a reliable conclusion. Again, it’s your responsibility to say ‘hey look, I can actually stand on my toes!’. Having said that, let’s jump into our pros and cons.

    If you are thinking MBA, well, you probably have to zoom in your reading a lot more. Firstly, why a huge transform (from so and so branch of an engineering college to MBA)? Ask yourselves. Then there’s this general notion that work experience is important for MBA colleges abroad (though there are a few programs that accept freshers without experience). A decent 4-5 years of experience would do if you want to pursue it in USA. But again, you need some experience. That explains why you should turn off this option.

    If you are one of those students who is fine with MBA in India, I would recommend you to leave this option on the table. Reasons again vary. You probably started disliking the stream you chose. Yeah, so definitely not M.Tech. And MBA is the only option to erase the past follies and start fresh. If you are fresher, MBA placements aren’t too different from those regular engineering placements. You have to think in the lines of CAT or GMAT (whichever you prefer, not to mention that CAT is indeed tougher). Over the top of my head, I could only think of two reputed MBA colleges- ISB and IIM. And I must say, they aren’t easy (unless you have a pretty strong gut feeling). If you are one among those who knows what you want from a management degree, then MBA in India is a good option.

    MS is USA is a great option, especially if you are liking your engineering stream. This definitely is in contrast to management courses where you are trying to bid ‘good bye’ to the tech side and stepping to life of perceptions. MS is a great way to build on to from your last 4 years. Techies with a Master’s degree get recruited by those top industries. If you can identify and stick with those growing start-ups, you can make a fortune beyond your wildest dreams. Again, this isn’t a straight-do-away option. It does have risks. Getting those top industries to recruit you is not a small thing. But putting this on the table wouldn’t hurt.

    Let’s sneak in a third option here for good reasons. Getting placed is an important thing. At the end, everyone is looking for a decent-paid job. Rather than throwing away all your hard work (four-year dedication), it’s probably a good idea to put that into some good use. So work for few years and then whatever your preconceived instinct says. If you decide to perceive MS abroad, no one’s stopping you. Or the flipside to it, you can do MBA abroad (or here if you wish).

    So to end this up, it’s all based on your profile. Are you fit to do MBA? Or Is it just something that sounds aspiring? Talking about MBA, I must say it requires leadership skills. If you are not those types, MS would be a better option. But, really, you can always let Higher education options stay on the table until you are sure. If confusion still prevails, then the finest option is to get a job.




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