Watch : Youngsters Were Asked About Republic Day – Their Answers Will Shock You!


    Republic Day or informal words , the celebration done on 26th of January every year is done with a great pomp and show in our country but still there are so many Indians who does not even know the date of this historic occasion and are confused about its significance in making India an independent country.

    Yes , they are the ones who utilize this 26 January holiday to the maximum , by sleeping for long hours and doing ‘masti’ with friends but when it comes to minimum GK about knowing why are they given the holiday on this particular date , their face show a sign of clock striking 12!

    Youngsters are unaware of such important facts and information , especially about this day is so unpleasing! They are very well equipped with the selfie thing or know how to dramatize a situation and create an issue out of nothing and create unnecessary chaos when someone does not follow the so called “Nationalism” rules where they themselves are unaware of what actually it is!

    But when they are asked about the same , they will get away by saying that they either forgot it though they never forget such important things about their nation or say that it is very difficult to grasp the historical knowledge!

    Here is one of the  excellent videos of The Nerdy Gangsters sharing the situation of today’s youngsters leaving in such an advanced technological world. The host asked some simple questions related to the 26 January Republic Day , and their reactions will definitely give you a shocker! Watch the video below and be ready to get shocked!

    This makes me wonder as to what has happened to our youngsters and their GK ? What are your views on this , do share it with us in our comments section below!!


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