[ Video ] Man Uses Feet to Knead the Dough, Famous Hotel and unusual practices !


    Food Hygiene is the most important things a Human should take care of and when it comes for an Indian; they should definitely take care of the food hygiene as they are aware of the food preparation practices in the country.

    Here comes an another incident that shows the dark side of the Tasty Indian food. The Famous Hotel, Kake ka Dhaba that has its main branch in Delhi, Famous for chat, panipuri and other items, the hotel was raided after a viral video that was showing the workers in the hotel use feet to make the dough. 

    This video was posted by women on Twitter and in no time went viral. The food department took an inspection in the hotel; the workers have given the shocking statement after the investigation, that ” unless the feet is used to apply more pressure on the dough, the puris do not blow into shape in boiled oil. This is done here by wholesalers who supply Pani Puri in packets across eateries. ” 

    These local shops are located in Hyderabad, Mahankali police station in Secunderabad, Abids, King Koti, and Charminar which have a single operating room where they make the dough with the same unusual practices. They use legs for a large quantity of Dough which is distributed to hundreds of street vendors, and almost every Pani puri stall uses the puri’s made of this dough.

    “This is generally not possible in hotels or restaurants because, the roti-batter, especially rumali, is mixed with sugar and egg. After a few hours, the dough turns hard and cannot be kneaded. So the workers time and again keep kneading small quantities of dough (less than 10 kg), just before it goes for cooking,” the workers  said  

    However, all most all the low-end bakery’s, hotels use such unusual practices of making their items as they cannot afford the machinery. 

    An advice from The Indian talks the food Hygiene important than the taste and cost, do not get into long-term problems to get short term pleasures.


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