This is the Trump’s new administration in the U.S.


    With the selection of the Trump’s top recruits , Michael Flynn , Rep. Pompeo and  Jeff Sessions chairing the top positions in Trump’s new administration.

    Here is the detailed list of what position they are hired for and how will they fulfil their desired roles in presence of the newly elected U. S. President Donald Trump.

    We have already told you that Michael Flynn is picked up for National Security Agency (NSA) and also for Senate Sessions as Attorney General and Republican Pompeo will head the CIA and Alabama Senate Jeff Sessions is selected for the job of Attorney General.

    With this , Donald Trump has filled most of the key positions in his administration , and it is also confirmed that Indian American born and South Carolina based Nikki Haley will serve as his Secretary in the office.

    Now the news surface as both Sessions and Pompeo will require the confirmation by the Senate before they assume their work. But this will not be applicable on Mr. Flynn.

    But now there is a rumour that Sessions may not acquire the top post he is conferred with thanks to his racist comments he is still accused of while he was serving as the U. S. Attorney General in Alabama in the year 1986.

    At that time , several eminent personalities accused Mr. Sessions with the comments as , “He is a throw back to a shameful era , which we (black and white) Americans thought was just in our past.  It is shameful to have a person of this attitude to be qualified for the post of U. S. Attorney General !”

    Later , Mr. Sessions withdrew from the post and later went to become a State Attorney General and also won the election to the Senate.

    Talking about Rep. Pompeo who always have been a major critic of Former US President Barack Obama , whether it was about Obama’s international relations or nuclear partnerships with Iran , he has been on the frontlines of accusing every step that Obama took.

    Mr. Flynn who will turn 58 the next month , is another fierce critic of Obama , who questioned his Military and Foreign Relationships , and now is going to advice Trump on National Security (NSA) issues during Trump. Now Mr. Flynn will start working in the West Wing immediately and will have very frequent access to the newly elect President Donald Trump.

    Mr. Flynn is termed as “Intelligent Professional and Straight Talker” by Donald Trump , will serve his ideas and professionalism to Trump on various Global Affairs and how to fight with Islamic State Militants (IS).

    At last , Donald Trump while electing these three high profile names to such high posts in his Office , said that “while selecting the range of Officials , I have considered their degrees of experience that will lead them to the State Department and Pentagon.”

    By this , you all must got an idea of who are selected and for what type of posts and how Donald Trump and his so – called team is intend to do ! One thing is for sure , their resolutions look far different than what Barack Obama had and this will not only effect America , but the whole world indeed !


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