The right time to begin is now… the ground here!


    When you first listen to it what comes to your mind? Quotes like –“it’s never too late” or the motivational speeches by people or inspiring videos or life experiences of amazing people and everything that taught them how time was important? When I first heard this topic even my mind got filled with all the philosophical thoughts and I thought that this was an easy task and did the research accordingly. But when I started writing it ,I realised it was just not me. I did get a lot Influenced by the motivating speeches about the ‘right time’ and all the examples present in front of us but then I thought to myself that everybody knows about them and their life experiences and all such aspect of this topic like the actions we need to take immediately to save our mother land from pollution or save humanity from the deadly terrorist. Everybody knows that but in all these tensions and lessons that we learn from the big events happening around we forget the little lessons that life teaches us daily which we do not pay any heed to and I’ll take the opportunity to rewind all those little moments that we have all lived , I have lived, all of us have lived! That taught us something but you and me just overruled it. Let’s make this about you and me and our life experiences that nobody knows about rather than of those whom we know better than we know ourselves. So here I would like to take you on a little journey of a normal life! 

    I’m Not P. V Sindhu or virat kohli, who being young have had so many good and different experiences. Nor am I mahatma Gandhi or Gautam Buddha. I’m just a normal 18 year old girl who does not have the best of experiences to share but has definitely seen more than any other normal 18 year old would have and would like to share and remind you about the little -little things that happen in our daily life that we need to learn from and is exactly what this topic teaches us in daily life. 

    “wake up, wake up, it’s a beautiful day ” says my alarm and I with all the positivity get up daily to bring a change in my life and grow with every moment that I live. But does that really happen?  I might start with a wide smile in the morning but then something or the other happens and I lose all hope and start sulking and end up wasting my day. That is where I get my first lesson that it is not about yesterday,  tomorrow or even what happened today!  It’s All about right now!  The very moment I am in. Things will keep happening in my life and if I keep losing hope Every time something happens I will definitely have a tough life ahead. What has happened has happened and is past so I should try and forget it and live in the moment. This is something that I have learnt that the things I felt really bothered me or were really difficult situations to deal with and I ruined all my time thinking how I will cope up with it doesn’t even matter to me after a few days. 

    Infuse your life with action. Don’t wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future. Make your own hope. Make your own love. And whatever your beliefs, honour your creator, not by passively waiting for grace to come down from upon high, but by doing what you can to make grace happen… yourself, right now, right down here on Earth.

    Everybody has best friends and family who are so close that even a little moment away from them is like a nightmare. I too have such friends but I have been in a fight with them a lot, shouted at them, said words that even my enemies won’t say to me! But was it worth it?  There I get my 2nd lesson -its never too late! Everybody makes mistakes and misunderstandings take place in every relation but when to actually clear it out ? Right now! As a saying in Hindi states that relationships are like threads , once they break,  they can be fixed back but will always have a knot in them. So don’t let them break!  The right time to save a relation is now. I might think it’s late but it is indeed not! I can’t let ego ruin the wonderful relations I had. 

    Talking about relations, I also interact with so many people other than my friends and family in a day. What about that girl sitting on the last bench of my class who doesn’t talk to anybody and is always the one who is made fun of. Is she really like that?  Is she going through something tough and needs support?  What is there in her mind? All these questions will be answered when I get my 3rd lesson. A correct action and the right words said at the right time , that is the moment you are in makes a big difference. My one word of hope and comfort can make her day, help her find a friend,  share what is hidden deep down and feel better! Because it’s not always about me or us. Sometimes it’s about them. Imagine your one right word in the right moment can save a life by convincing them to not commit suicide or reduce a terrorist from the world. Because there is no superman, everybody is a super hero in their own way and to bring a big change in the world we need to start now. With our mind and heart open at all times.

    Talking about the very happening news around us right now_ the Olympics! If we want to break our own records in 2020 in turkey , we need to start now. If we want swatch Bharat to become a reality, we need to start now. If I want make in India to become a success,  we need to start now.  If we want a pollution free world,  we need to start now. If we want a beer life,  fulfil our dreams and work for ourselves and not to fulfil someone else’s dream, we indeed need to start NOW! 

    I had a friend who was a drug addict and somewhere deep down he knew that it is ruining his body and wanted to get rid of it. He tried really hard but couldn’t. His peers pressurized him and he lost all control until one fine day that he promised himself that he from now will protect and respect his body and that very moment changed his life completely. Every time we want to start doing something for ourselves like exercise or diet or studies,  why is it that we just never start? Why does that tomorrow not exist in our calendar? 

    It’s our life, it’s our body, it’s our country, it’s our future and this is our moment! 

    Life teaches us lessons at every point of time and we are just too ignorant to learn from them. Try and rewind a few days of your life and think clearly. Every time you had an exam,  you wasted time and thought that you will do it tomorrow but that day just never came.  And always studied at the last moment. Every year on new years you make resolutions thinking that this year probably you will get a change in your life and end up working on it for just a few months and get back to being your old self.  Every time you go online to research about something and end up watching videos for 5 hours which literally have nothing to do with you or your research subject. Every time you have an important work , you delay it and later it is not done as accurately as it was supposed to be done. 

    Yes everybody makes mistakes but mistakes committed once or twice can be ignored but if repeated regularly, it is called a habit and such a habit is one big enemy of your success. Don’t let your habits become a dread to you. Life is too short for regrets. 

    There are times when we are so tired that we don’t feel like doing anything. There are times when we give priority to other -not -so -helpful things in our lives like texting, movies, etc. There are times when we get so burdened that we don’t want to do it anymore. Nothing. Not even a speck. And we keep torturing ourselves and continue doing the same thing because we’re scared of moving on and standing out. Is it correct though? Is it correct to keep waiting for the right time and waste the moment we are in? Is it correct to let our goals wait till we realise our mistake? Is it correct to think about the future and be scared of the past and not live in the present?  I’ll help you find your answers. 

    There will never be the perfect moment and the correct time to do anything. You have to create that perfect moment in the very moment you are in because the right time to begin is “now” _the ground here! 

    Even food loses its taste when kept for long and becomes stale, even iron gets destroyed by its own rust after sometime .i don’t think you want to be the reason for the destruction of your own dreams so start now, don’t let them wait because Chasing your dreams and achieving them is probably the only thing that won’t make you hate yourself when you wake up every morning ; everything else will, at some point. You won’t even realise when it’s too late and you have forgotten your dream and are now working under someone to fulfil their dream. 

    Every little step taken to cover the distance between you and your goal will count. Now is the time!  Now is the moment! How sure are you that you will have a tomorrow or that tomorrow will give you the same opportunity that is given to you today. The situation even today might not be perfect and it will never be as nothing is perfect till you believe it to be . Og Mandino once said “always do your best, what you plant today is what you harvest tomorrow .”

    One of the major reasons why we find defeat even before we begin is our confidence in ourselves. No, we don’t lose. We “find” loss. Who said it was easy? It never was, never will be. “But what will people say” is probably the most overrated excuse of all time because of this. This defeat that we accept even before pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone. What will we achieve staying in there? Staying at home is always preferred by people who hustle hard. But what if they really did? Imagine. That’s what I want you to imagine.

    Dreams are big and often difficult to achieve and obviously cannot be achieved in a day as good things take time but working everyday and every second for it will surely make a difference. So before entering a temple or mosque,  solely for the purpose of praying that god fixes all your issues? Visit yourself and tell yourself that you are your own cheerleader and you will leaven stone unturned. Give others hope to put their best foot forward, and see how it affects you in turn. Positivity is not a myth, nor is absolute happiness ,it’s your key to the lock of success. 

    So every night when you lie down on your bed, tired but continuously wondering if life’s going to be fair to you, remember that it all depends on the effort you decide to put. You should be satisfied and have a big smile on your face every morning, afterall, you might be an ordinary human being with a simple life, but this life is your own and you are the most successful person if you are happy with it. Know the meaning of every minute, every moment, every heartbeat. And every morning when you wake up, you don’t have to know exactly what you have to do, but have the determination to progress even if in a tiny, simple way, without wasting time. Work hard. But what should you work hard for?  Work hard on completing the most difficult task, which is to live! 


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