The real freedom is being CREATIVE!


    Being Creative is not just an art but science as well. 

    It not just explains to be applied or practiced but to be experimented as well.
    It allows the cause and effect strategy too.
    Creativity without strategy is called ‘Art’ and with strategy is called ‘Science’.

    Our mind never stops being Creative it brings on a new Idea every now and then. 
    It experiments, apply cause and effect relation & practice it repeatedly.
    One can be creative anytime, anywhere and anyway. 
    Let’s take a very basic example of our mother; she cooks the same dish but sometimes with a different taste, sometimes with a different look and sometimes a combination of our two favorite dishes.
    So that doesn’t mean that a person needs to be extraordinary or an expert with the great mind but a simple human being can also be creative in a way that he can create wonders just by the practice of a small combination of his way of arts and science! Creativity is just connecting things.
    And Yes you can be CREATIVE because being creative is not a hobby that only an expert can experiment it but a way of life! 
    The essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail that.


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