The joy of discovering a new place-Hyderabad


    June 1,2016 a bag full of dreams,dreams of becoming a successful MBA I moved to the city of pearls “HYDERABAD”.Those mixed feelings of anxiety , excitement , nervousness of living a new life with thousands of new faces. As I gradually settled down made new friends,explored the city I fell in love with this place in a quick span of time.When you are not time bound by plans or travel itinerary you are likely to enjoy each moment of life,I realised this while travelling for hours in cabs and buses.

    There are days when you want to run back home hug your mother and never come back and then there are days when you realise you are given a little piece of heaven -“college life”.Hours of continuous lectures,gossiping,extra classes,tests,sleepless nights,assignments,video calls with teary eyes and then the most awaited weekends.Saturdays -make plans,book cabs and travel to another corner of Hyderabad in search of good food and good location, Sundays-sad evenings worrying about when will Saturday come back again.

    In these two months, I’ve lived each moment to the fullest from highs to lows, from no friends to loads of new friends,from a small town girl to a Hyderabadi,I discovered the love for travelling,from an introvert to an extrovert I discovered the love for meeting new people.I wish to live each day to fullest till am here,I wish to learn more about this city.

    love Hyderabad and love being called a Hyderabadi !!!! <3


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