Sunny Leone gets shamed on Twitter for adopting a baby girl


Nisha Kaur with sunny leone and daniel weber

Sunny Leone is back in the news again, but this time for something strong and quite personal, and yet a hard hitting reply to the male chauvinistic society in India. Sunny Leone, who is now a major name in the Bollywood industry, has reportedly adopted a baby girl aging 21 months, along with her husband, Daniel Weber, who is now named Nisha Kaur Weber. The adoption was done from Latur.

This news of adopting a baby girl was announced by Sunny Leone herself during the launch of her youth-based reality show, which according to her was something she wanted to do for the last two years. And now finally after a lot of wait, the sun seems to be shining high.

But as it comes out, this new adoption by Sunny Leone isn’t something a lot of Indians are able to digest. After Sunny Leone had announced that she had adopted a baby girl, there were mixed reactions from people, all of which was shown on twitter. While most of the people congratulated her for her amazing step, there were quite a few people who took it hard, thus trolling her and her move.

Here are few of the tweets by people who definitely didn’t accept this step by the actor.

There’s no question of having to tell one and everyone about who Sunny Leone is, as everyone knows her quite enough, and not for the reason that is majorly known, but for making a strong impact on the Bollywood world with her sudden entry, and thus having taken the industry by a storm.

 How did Sunny Leone take the criticism?

Sunny leone

Well, she’s Sunny Leone. Whether people like it or not, she is one of the very few actors in India who has stood up for what is right, no matter what. And that’s exactly the kind of response she’s had for all the criticism, as she ignored them and thanked her well-wishers.

Love her or hate her, she definitely knows to do things, her own way, whether you like it or not. And by doing something that is still not widely accepted in India, Sunny Leone has proven again that she does what is right.

Sunny Leone will be next seen in a dance number in the upcoming film Baadshaho.