Summer is Here, get ready to face this Problems !


    It’s summer time and you will be sweating horribly under your arms, boobs and where not.

    Its summer time so usually we avoid wearing black clothes and we mostly wear white clothes which quickly turn into your innocent outfit X-rated.

    Even the strongest Deo won’t protect you from stinking.

    There is no point in putting makeup, no matter what brand you are using, sweat will ruin up everything.

    Kajal Smudging

    The moment you will sit on your bike, You will feel as if your bum is roasted.

    Wearing jeans is torture so your outfit options become less.

    under boob sweat is just horrible

    Showering is useless as you will drench into your own sweat.

    That feeling when your thighs stuck to rickshaw seat pleather.

    And when you wear short clothes during summer.

    No matter which sun cream you are using, You are going to tan any way.

    Summer is here, Get ready for this things.


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