Shahid Kapoor Finally Shares a clear picture of his Daughter Misha !


      Hold your Heart! Shahid Kapoor finally posted a clear picture of her baby, and we can’t get over it!

    Shahid Kapoor and Mira Kapoor had a cute daughter the previous year and named her Misha, Soon after her birth, Misha became an internet sensation, and the Media went nuts to take a picture of the baby. But The mystery is no more, Misha’s dad Shahid Kapoor himself posted a picture of his daughter.
    In the picture Mira has held Misha in her arms which shows the love of a mother, Shahid posted a picture with the caption ” Hello World ” 

    Earlier when Shahid was asked to introduce her daughter to the world, he said he was waiting for the special day to share the photograph, introducing her to the paparazzi is little odd. ” I will share her picture soon. We are very happy to share her picture with everybody.” well this day seems to be special to Shahid Kapoor  


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