Say Goodbye Acne : 7 Simple DIY tips for glowing healthy skin for both men & women !


    Acne – a word which we always fear of , it has given many a sleepless nights and a very horrifying days to remaining others. But now let us put a stop to it and say “no more of acne now”. Here let us discuss some 7 simple DIY tips for a clean , healthy , glowing and acne free skin.

    1. Never ever:

    Never even think of squeezing your acne as it may lead to further inflammation , which could make your every day life a bizarre. Instead , try to use Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic Acid Face Wash which has a balanced pH. It will do its bit in controlling the spread of acne.

    2. Protection:

    Try to protect your skin from the sun in case the skin is sensitive. Because the suntan could worsen the acne. It not only cause the skin damage , but would also produce wrinkles and increase the risk of skin cancer.

    3. Keep washing:

    The more you clean it , the less effect acne will have on your face or body. If you spot an acne on your face , then don’t panic , first wash your face with the Face Wash mentioned above. And a DIY tip for the gym freaks , we know you love your gym session but in order to avoid the build up of acnes , just try to wash your face after the exercise as the sweat could clog the pores and make your acne more worse.

    4. Cosmetics / Makeup:

    Make up , really does lifts the confidence of every woman but there are cosmetics and makeup available in the market that are non comedogenic or say non – acnegenic which don’t clog the pores and let your skin breathe. So opt for such cosmetics!

    5. Extra care for your acne:

    People who love to style their hair , do not mind going for any product that would add an extra shine and style to one’s hair , but mind it as many hair products contain oils that could make your acne worse than earlier. Try to keep the hair spray or the styling gel away from your face and always use water based products for your hair.

    6. Acne Spread :

     In case you spot an acne on other body parts except your face then it is problem of less magnitude , but if you get acne say on your chest or back then do avoid wearing tight clothes which can rub and cause you irritation and have a possibility of spreading the acne to other parts.

    7. Great DIY Tip :

    Include this habit in your regimen – wash your face at least twice a day with a mild cleanser and a lukewarm water especially before going to bed in order to remove makeup and the accumulated dirt. And avoid scrubbing and using abrasive and harsh products on your face which can lead to building of acnes and age related spots.


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