Ravi Babu stands in queue at bank with his Adhugo Co Star !


    The talented actor and film maker Ravi Babu was spotted at a bank in a queue in order to withdraw cash in Hyderabad. And it will amaze you all with whom he visited the bank , with his Adhugo co – star , which is a piglet ! Yes , it is right , as that piglet has some significant role in his next Adhugo.

    After PM Modi’s stiff decision about demonetising higher currency values (Rs 500 & Rs 1000) , not even a single day did we not manage to see serpentine queues formed outside the ATMs and Banks. Its now a trend that people are paying to stand on their behalf , now who will juggle to stand for hours together and still return empty handed !

    But Ravi Babu is cool , calm and composed to stand in the queue and also withdraws his money , he does not throw any kind of tantrums instead spends his time playing with his piglet while still managing to stand with the rest.

    Ravi Babu
     Ravi Babu takes a snapshot with his piglet while standing in a queue at a Bank. 

    Here is what Ravi Babu has to say about his new friend and co – star , “where ever I travel these days , I always take the piglet along with me. I cannot leave it at home as there is no body to take care of him. I had to withdraw money from the bank so thought to tag him along with me. Initially people were little surprised to see something like this but fortunately no body made a fuss out of it.”

    He continues , “I have used these piglets in the film . Most of the sequences in the film were shot with the real piglet but we have  also used animatronics to shoot some crucial scenes. It will be the 1st time when an Indian film will use a piglet.”

    Needless to mention his credits , he has directed around 12 films , and mainly casted for villain roles in the Telugu Cinema. The 1st film of his career was Maavidakulu where played the antagonist and was released in the year 1998 and that has turned to be a block buster.

    Ever since he has not looked back and did multiple hit films like Murari , Yavarum nalam , Anasuya , Dochay Swamy Ra Ra & Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu. And also debuted as a director with much acclaimed film Allari.


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