New trends in Work life balance !


    People working in big companies who are making a hefty salary per month they know that they are able to do it because they have allowed their personal lives to leak away at the altar of their profession. Millennials think differently and they place a high premium on life after work and tend to continue in companies that have Flexi working hours. 

    Luckily the change is happening and now more than a handful of companies are aiming to achieve both efficiency and satisfaction of employees. A month before Cognizant announced that its employees in corporate functions of HR, finance can work from home two days in a week. As long as work is done it is immaterial from where it is done.
     Similarly, Lenovo came up with another measure to provide flexibility to its employees, it has stopped keeping tabs on the no. of hours its employees spend in Office. As long as targets are achieved it becomes trivial to track the no. of hours spent in Office or outside office. 
    A paper published in “American Sociological Review” has stated that employees who have flexible working hours perform equally to those with fixed hours but employees with Flexi hours are not only happier, healthier, were sleeping better but creative also. Recently breaking the gender stereotypes Deutsche bank has offered its employees 6month childcare leave to male employees as well if they happen to be the primary covers both surrogacy and adoption. 
    Accenture has also joined this league by treating adoption leave at par with maternity leave. it will provide its employee with 22 weeks of leave irrespective of the fact that whether the child is biologically born, adopted or surrogated. By providing these benfits the companies are galvanising the attention on the need to fight a plethora of unconscious biases prevalent in the society.


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