Meghalaya, or the ‘abode of the clouds’, is frequently compared to Scotland for its highlands, fog and beautiful scenery. It is known for its vast variety of flora and fauna. This absolutely gorgeous place certainly deserves a visit and so do these 4 must see places in this beautiful state


    1)    Cherrapunji

    If you come from a place that has really hot seasons, then you are going to love cherrapunji’s weather. Frequently called as the wettest place on earth, nature has not just gifted the land with rain round the year but also with scenic beauty. There are a lot of places to explore in this gorgeous place. You can visit the nohkalikai falls, which is the tallest plunge waterfall in the country falling from a height of 1115 feet and it is the fourth highest in the world. You should also visit the dainthlen falls which provides breathtaking views, thangkharang park which is located at the edge of a cliff and provides a beautiful 180 degree view of the Bangladesh plains. There are many more attractions in cherrapunji and you should definitely give it a visit.


    2)    Lalong park

    Located at a distance of eight kilometres from jowai, the lalong park overlooks the scenic pynthowah valley and is covered in sacred grooves. This park has gained popularity in terms of tourist destination and is the one place to visit if you want to just unwind and relax. There are also other places to visit in jowai like the nartiang monoliths, the remnants of the ‘summer palace’. You can also the visit the extremely popular durga temple of this region and the historic stone bridge


    3)    Laitlum canyon, shillong

    Laitlum translates to ‘end of hills’ and this sublimely beautiful hilltop appears to be true to its name. India’s very own natural wonder, all you see at this place are breathtaking gorges and steep winding staircases that lead to the beautiful valley below. This place is a trekker’s paradise, with one of the best views to offer after you navigate through the slightly difficult terrain. Adding to the beauty of this place is the gurgling laitlum stream and its quaint little wooden bridge. If you thirst for beauty, then you simple cannot miss out on the natural wonder that is the laitlum canyon.


    4)    Balpakram national park

    Located at the extreme south of garo hills and 167 km from the nearest major town of tura, this place is often referred to as the ‘abode of perpetual winds’ as well as the ‘land of spirits’. Lying at an altitude of nearly 3000 ft above sea level and covering an area of 200 sq. Km this pocket of pristine beauty name as the balpakram national park has a very beautiful landscape and one of the best canyon around the region. It is famous for its unique land formations, surrounded by the mythological stories of the garos. It is home to many rare and exotic species of flora and fauna and this is a must visit place for the wildlife enthusiasts.


    Meghalaya remains the one place in india that can be visited all year long and these 4 places are beautiful enough to be on your list to explore.



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