List of things Aadhaar Card is Mandatory for !


    Aadhaar Card is one of the most mandatory documents required for every individual in India and since Narendra Modi had become the PM of India, the rules for the Aadhaar Card have been changed under the government. 

    The Government plans to replace all the documents by a single aadhaar card.

    Here are the list of things that you will require Aadhaar Card for

    1. From July 1st, people who are filing their IT returns and applying for the Pan Card must have aadhaar card, also every Pan card must have a linked to aadhaar card till December 31st, or it will be not valid.

    2. Every mobile service provider will consider Aadhar based verification from February 6th, 2018, Aadhaar-based e-KYC (know your customer), Your Mobile Number will be linked with Aadhar Card.

    3.Driving Licence: It’s not mandatory yet but the government is planning to start a process that will make mandatory of aadhaar card for issuing a new license or renewing the old licence

    However, this project needs the collaboration of state government and central government and will come to action soon.

    4. Students Should have Aadhaar card to receive their Degree, the UGC has made mandatory for all the students to have their aadhaar Card for their degrees, also the universities will include the Aadhar Numbers in the Degree and Certificates.

    5. Andhra Pradesh and Telangana has made Aadhaar mandatory for Regional Transport Organisations.

    6. The Andhra government has made Aadhaar Card mandatory to provide angapradakshinam, so that one person doesn’t take multiple times.

    7.  Aadhaar numbers for MGNREGA programme are been allowed by Supreme court,  for LPG subsidies for prime minister jan Dhan Yojana for providing free aadhaar cards.

    8. In the Education Department, Aadhaar card is mandatory for the many things as Scholarships and other benefits of uniform and stationary.

    9. It’s Mandatory for people working under the National Health mission.

    10. Aadhaar Card is mandatory for all the Skill development programmes by the government.

    11. Pregnant women who are seeking cash transfer and free medicines under the maternity benefit programmes should mandatorily have Aadhaar Card and should be enrolled in the development service.

    12.Senior citizens who are applying for Old-age pensions should have aadhaar Card. 


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