IT Minister KT Rama Rao to Discuss on Trump’s visa terror with the IT centre.


    KARIMNAGAR: The new laws proposed by President Trump in granting H-1B visas have become a matter of concern for all those who want to go to USA.

    Owing to the same, IT minister KT Rama Rao on Saturday said he will soon visit New Delhi to seek protective measures for IT industry and discuss the repercussions of US president Donald Trump‘s decisions regarding his statements on H-1B visa with the Centre. The new rules may affect many people in IT industry, living and working in the US.

    KT Rama Rao interacting with media in Karimnagar, said,”Whatever decisions the US president comes up with, will have to be passed by the Senate. And there are people who will speak out their mind on his decision. We are more concerned because a lot of people from Telangana go to the US to work and study. We have to see that they do not face any inconvenience.”

    Adding further, he said that the interests of the people should be protected and every effort will be made to avoid any inconvenience to the people.

    He also said that there is no need to panic as the orders before getting executed, will have to pass through the discussions in Congress.

    With the tightening of H-1B visas rules, students’ applications for MS have also fall down. Majority of students from South side prefer to travel to the US for Masters.

    There has been a decrease up to 40 per cent in inquiries for US admissions for the last few weeks, after Trump’s triumph.



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