Is it anti feminist to wear make-up?


    Having a glance at my previous blog y’all must be knowing by now that I am one hell of a feminist. Talk about female rights and hear me marching all through it with all the glory and galore of the world. Before reading any further I would request you to please watch this video once???? 

    Done? Okay, so how many of you felt irritated like hell? Especially all the females out there. Trust me I cannot even tell how many times people have actually come up to me asking “Don’t you think you shouldn’t wear makeup if you’re a real feminist?” 

    I mean like seriously guys? How on earth does it matter if I wear makeup or not? And even if I do does it mean I don’t believe in equality for women? Wearing or not wearing make-up is totally a personal choice. Do it if you like it but if you don’t, don’t bash people who really like. 

    It’s not based on serving on the long believed patriarchal, it’s just a way of expressing oneself before the world. It’s a kind of art which makes the individual feel much more confident. It’s not about hiding behind layers to fight off insecurity, rather it’s empowering in a way that no one can never understand. And to girls who love makeup *YOU GO GIRL* 

    Never ever stop doing something you love just because some people don’t feel the same about it. Blend that foundation till your arms hurt, contour your face into something you always liked, make that eyeliner sharp enough to kill! 


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