Is Hollywood scared of our Bollywood Superstars ?


    Its true ! Hollywood is scared of Salman Khan , Shah Rukh Khan and even of Rajinikanth. It can be clearly seen of how Hollywood film makers try to avoid any clash with their Bollywood competitors.

    They do not mind shifting their dates accordingly with the release dates of their Bollywood counterparts as they do not want to leave any stone unturned to gain maximum profits.

    Many instances of Hollywood altering their release in India has been noted and it usually happens only when they find that either Salman , Shah Rukh or Rajinikanth film will be clashing with theirs. And no one wants to give them a competition , not even for a single day !!

    The latest Hollywood flick “Suicide Squad” will be releasing this week in Indian theatres and the great part is it has avoided any clash with any of the Bollywood film. As none of the Hindi films are releasing this week.

    Though we inculcate a lot of love for Hollywood films yet the film makers in the West are in no mood to take any risk and wants to play safe.

    Another great example is of a major Hollywood film Ice Age : Collision Course which was slated to be released in India a week before its release in the West. This was done on a purpose to avoid any clashing between their film and Rajinikanth’s  Kabali which was actually planned to released in the first week of July.

    But again Kabali shifted its release to July 22 due to some post production work , another great Hollywood film directed by Steven Spielberg shifted its release date to July 29 after coming to know the actual release date of Kabali.

    Remember Spectre which was released during Prem Ratan Dhan Payo time , it was actually slotted to release along with Salman Khan film but later decided to shift its release date and hence the film postponed its release by a week.

    When Shah Rukh Khan’s magnum opus Fan was releasing in India there was another film from West which was also eying its release on the same date that is April 15 , it was none other than Jungle Book but again the latter decided to wait and altered their release date.

    None of the Hollywood film –makers admit their fear of clashing with Bollywood biggies but the Indian Distributors make our doubt turn into sheer truth by stating that “None of the Hollywood film has the courage to stand against the films of Bollywood superstars , as they fear limited screens and profits and hence the only option left to them is to either pre-pone or post-pone their release date in India.”


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