Is abortion for teenage pregnancy right ?


    Abortion means the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks. 

    Abortion  can only happen when there is a life that has generated in a ovary of a women . So, basically it’s a murder that happens of a life before even that seed has seen the world and a big crime that should be stopped , this is not at all a solution to teenage pregnancy as anything that costs a life is a crime. 

    The teenagers  before doing anything should know its consequences as there are lot many things that you can buy from the market to prevent yourself from such things . As there is a very well saying prevention is better than cure. There is always a right time for the right thing moreover this is also not acceptable by the society as the other aspect of this huge world also says there’s just one life do whatever you feel like !

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    Restricting somebody on their sex life is totally not on anybody’s control but the person every time should know their actions pros and cons . There are so many contraceptives that should use for the prevention of the pregnancy . Use them , As even your rare steps can lead to a big disaster. Why to take somebody’s life who doesn’t even have seen the world , when the mistake is your’s ? Though the probing on this is very seriously done but still the practice is been going on . Stop this, life is at stake !


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