Indians deal with summer like a boss, Summer Jugaad at its best !


    Summer is already here, and we Indians know hot to stay cool in hot summer.
    We Indians are never afraid of risk and we are good at doing JUGAAD to stay cool in this hot summer.
    These summer jugaad pictures will keep you cool.
    Its fine if you can’t afford AC, Remember your hostel days when you use to wet your towel and sleep on it just because you didn’t had cooler or AC then.
    Here are top jugaad to stay cool.

    Even this fan can give you cool air.

    No worries if you cant afford to travel by AC bus, Here is indian jugaad to travel in Non Ac bus

    This is best ever jugaad if you have only one cooler.

    And when your charger become more hotter, To keep it cool This jugaad will work.


    When you don’t have bath tub but you want to stay cool in this summer, then try this jugaad.

    When all are fed up of summer but you are enjoying your summer by doing this jugaad.

    AC coach be like..

    Its summer time so you need to be cool and so you don’t need a girl beside you to make you feel hot.

    Try this, at last “Tumhari Jockey Kab Kaam Ayegi”. Just show off this summer.

    Just enjoy doing your work.

    Don’t have fridge, No problem.

    No matter you have shower or not, “Thande Thande Paani Me Nahana Chahiye”.

    “JUGAAD” is the way of life. It’s only Jugaad that teaches us how to make optimum use of the resources that we have!

    Happy Summer.


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