Hyderabad : Honour Killing at it Worst, IT techie killed for Marrying Girl Friend !!


    Honour Killing in Hyderabad : Hyderabad incident shows the Honour killing to the worst, a 25 years IT professional was killed by his in-laws for marrying their Daughter. 

    Lalit Aditya 25 year IT Professional married Sushmita Reddy against her parent’s wishes, it was 8 months after their marriage they lived in Sachinvalanagar where Lait was attacked by some unknown people who brutally assaulted him cut his private parts and killed him !! 

    The Police found the people who came in the vehicle that was registered in Karnataka, “The killers came by a vehicle with Karnataka registration number. As they entered the home where Lalit was residing, they knocked the doors of his house. Later, they asked him to come out to discuss marriage issue. As soon as he came out, they started attacking him with iron rods. The accused killed Lalit by damaging his private parts. Receiving serious injuries, Lalit died on the spot,”The Police said 

    The Police are Suspecting the Lalit inlaws have sent the people to Kill him. 

    Lalit’s wife was forcibly taken by her parents when she was pregnant and her pregnancy was terminated by her parents, on which Lalit registered a complaint on his inlaws !!

    Lalit was brutally murdered by his in-laws and the investigation is carried in the case !! The case was registered against the in-laws who were alleged responsible for Lalit’s Death !!       


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