Hyderabad: Garbage Trash Found Near Muhajirin Camp, Makka Masjid Which Is Left Uncleared!


    Heaps of garbage were piled up on the roads near Muhajirin camp and Makka Masjid which remained uncleared.  The overflowing of garbage near the Masjid made tough for the devotees to walk through the way where the garbage is trashed.

    While the followers are changing routes to find the way to reach to the place. But people are annoyed with the heaps of stinking garbage as they cannot ignore and it is bothering the person who stays there. Despite repeated complaints to empty the trash to GHMC, nothing seems to be working as still; the garbage is uncleared.

    In response to the complaints GHMC officials have a word to say that due to Charminar Pedestrian Project undergoing at Lad Bazar, the waste vehicle has no way to reach the place for removing trash. However, the GHMC has ensured some other alternative measures for waste clearance or with the help of labors they could have done something to clean the trash which is lying in the roads.

     Non-removal of garbage poses serious problems to the health of the people who are residing nearby. The poor sanitary condition will lead to increasing in mosquitoes which will pose a threat to one’s health. And the city is already in the grip of viral fevers, and in the matter related to health, one cannot just sit calmly. In the situation of the pile of garbage uncleared will serve as a breeding ground for bacteria which gives rise to serious diseases and may spoil the health of people who resides there.


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