Happy Gurpurab: Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti 2017


    On Guruji’s Jayanti prayers of prosperity and aroma of food fill the atmosphere of the Golden Temple. People with all casts and religions celebrate this with extreme zeal and enthusiasm. ‘Sharbat’ is something that is served at the Gurudwara and food that tastes more than delicious, where Sikh people pray and sing holy songs. Mentioning few words about Guru Gobind Singh ji is an immensely intricate task.

    The general information about him encapsulates few factors. He was the 10th Sikh Guru who is the son of Guru Tegh Bahadur Singh ji. The mysterious thing about his birthday is that it sometimes falls either in December or January or even in both months. The reason behind the time gradient is the Gregorian calendar or the Nanakshahi calendar.

    Guru Gobind Singh was the son of Guru Tegh Bahadur, who dedicated his entire life for the religious freedom and eradication of parochial mentalities in society. At the early age of nine when people do not know how to think and understand science, Guru Gobind Singh ji managed to get the designation of ‘Guru’ and became leader of the society. The notable and most known charge he undertook was supporting five men from the subordinate caste of society and making them his Beloved ones. Further he baptized, bequeathed them with great valour and a devotion to the Almighty. His astonishing dedication to God, his bravery and his aspiration for protecting the society aided him establish ‘Khalsa’. It literally means ‘very pure’.

    Khalsa actually involved several soldiers, who will follow a strict moral code of conduct and spiritual restraints. His journey from 1699 to 1708 helped the society to oppress the Mughal Rulers and establish freedom.  His courage, poems and philosophies actually helped the establishments of Sikhism. The most famous of all is the presence of Turban. Few restrictions over Halal meat and tobacco are also there which are followed by several people till date. The eleventh and eternal Guru which was established by him is the holy book he gave, named ‘Guru Granthasahib’.

    Indian population has in depth respect for their colossal traditional values and morals. These people now-a-days also have dedicated their lives for their nation and they are serving in the Indian army, navy and air-force, etc. Their level of dedication and affection for serving the country is truly off the chart. The reason behind this foundation is Guruji and we all should feel immense proud for having such people in our country.


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