Happy Father’s day- it indeed does take someone special to be a dad


    There’s so much to fall than pumpkin spice and Chunky scarves. This day is all about fresh starts and turning over new leaves. If you can make out what I am talking about- you are already on the roll. Ready to take the pledge? It’s not hard. Just imagine or I should perhaps say recall all those things you have done with your father – starting from those little spooky things to those serious things. How does it feel? I know you all are already excited to share your new hub full of stories! But before that let’s actually look at what this day means to you and to your Father.

    Father’s Day is undeniably the prettiest way to share your love with your Father- or in a better sense you get to spend time with him. That’s right! Sure, it is also the day to share your fanfic quotes or should I say it’s another way to express your love. But to make your day even better- a memorable one, show how much he means to you and share your experiences. It’s not always getting your dad gifts- it’s a day that brings out more than that.

    First thing in the morning thank him for whatever you are today. You are probably like ‘Uhh… you don’t really need to thank your family members’. True that! But when I say ‘thank him’ I mean thank him in your heart. It feels good! Doesn’t it? What all has he done for you? Let’s see!! Hold on… maybe we should go over what all has he not done? Perhaps, you have it figured out, he does everything for you. For a family as a whole, he does a lot. He teaches his kids, puts tomorrow’s needs before today’s wants, discuss the importance of college and lead his kids to value education, Plan future, teach his kids about generosity and what not! The list goes on. But you get where I am going here! Secondly, spend time with him – which is perhaps the best gift ever.

    No, Father’s day is not celebrated everywhere. Countries like UK and US dedicate their third Sunday of June to Fathers. Spain celebrates it on the 19th of March. Ukraine celebrates it on the 12th of every November. So you see, it differs for every country. Google Doodle will appear only in countries celebrating this Father’s day.

    I should probably tell you the tale- where this day all began. Grace Golden Clayton was her name. She was from West Virginia. An orphan herself, she lobbied her local Methodist ministers for a church service to honor Fathers in 1908. She was inspired to do so after Monangah mining disaster, also in West Virginia. This calamity was one of the worst in US mining history. This windowed many women and orphaned many children. So as a tribute, she wanted this day. Thus it began.



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