Facts About Teenagers On Smoking


    Smoking is a habit which usually start at teenage in many cases and deemed as addiction by the time they reach adulthood. It does effect our lungs and may lead to cancer and other problem, but still the habit of smoking among teenager have never been reduced.

    Why do Teenagers Smoke?
    According to research there are 3 reasons which may provoke a teenager to smoke.

    1) To Look Mature

    Smoking has restrictions and teenagers below 18 are not allowed to smoke and teens watch adults smoking around them all the time. Which gives them false impression that “smoking makes people adults” which leads to a teen start smoke to act older.

    2) To Be Like Their Friends

    There is always a friend who makes smoking look really cool, and them teenagers are always attracted to things which they think are cool. Sometimes when most of your friends smoke, you may feel pressurized to smoke to be accepted.

    3) To Experiment

    Adolescence is the transition period in a human from puberty to adulthood which involves psychological human development which gives the teenagers the passion of experimenting something that is forbidden. As smoking is restricted by parents and laws as well, they find the passion adventure and experimenting to steal cigarettes sneak them and smoke them without being caught.

    What do they smoke?
    20th century smokes are not just limited to cigarettes, different types of smoking are available in market from cigs to e-cigs and pipes to hookah. These new methods makes teenagers more fascinated towards smoking.

    Different Types of Smoking Usually Preferred by Teenagers


    Every teenager’s smoking starts with Cigarettes (is a small cylinder of finely cut tobacco leaves rolled in thin paper for smoking). Especially Indian teenagers because in India cigarette are widely available inevery corner of a street. And the infamous combination of cigarette with tea not only tastes better butalso make them look cool (at least that’s what they think).


    These are the hand-held devices which vaporized a liquid, which the user inhale. Although the liquid contains traces of nicotine and other chemical substances these devices are considered safer than Cigarette though the effects in long-term health are unknown. Comparatively e-cigarette the use of cigarette is more extensively used especially teenagers because of lack of patience to maintain the device including charging, changing liquid and also always hiding them from parents makes them less attractive.


    This is the most widely used form of smoking tobacco with flavors especially Indian teenagers because it is a best time to hang out with friends as one session of shisha longs 80-100 minutes.


    Tobacco pipes or simply pipes are old-fashioned way of smoking tobacco which contains of a chamber to reside tobacco and thin hollow stem to inhale the smoke. The tobacco used in pipes are usually unprocessed but teenagers when they are bored with new methods they switch to old-fashioned ways.

    There is no things such as safe method of smoking, every form of smoking has the same effects which involves addiction, disease, ailments, early death and waste of money and life. So teenagers try to avoid smoking or at least keep the urges at bay.



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