Describing a poetry named MOTHER.


    Mother !!


    I will not describe you today

    Actually, I can’t

    We share the same heartbeat.

    You gave me emotions

    You taught me to tumble and speak

    I am your chest and flesh

    I am your small wonder

    You gasp as I breathe.

    When somebody else cooks for me,

    You are the taste I look for

    When somebody breaks my heart

    I remember our last cuddle

    When I fail

    I want you to come and protect me

    Only you can make it right

    I know your magic

    You are the only fairy I still believe in

    Trust me.

    I wanted to grow up all this time

    Look what time did.

    I still remember holding that little finger,

    And when I could fit on your feet.

    When drinking milk was the only struggle

    And Spinach was the only trouble

    Every day we both would win over these


    Mother, I won’t describe you

    Because I don’t understand this strange bond

    Out of all in this selfish world

    Where Time sweeps people and memories

    God I wonder

    You are such a timeless masterpiece !

    Now, I know I am too tall to be lifted

    And way too heavy to hold

    But I will always need your care

    When you call

    I still hear my second soul.

    Mother, I can’t describe you

    While others keep counting,

    Only you never remember my follies

    Nobody can be more genuine

    I wager

    Even Gods loathe our bonding.


    I can’t describe you

    I am the scent you wear

    And the sweat that father rears

    I am nothing and nobody

    You are my identity.


    If I write your name on stars

    They won’t twinkle anymore

    They would sleep for the first time

    Like I slept at home.

    Mother, I can’t ever describe you !

    Forgive my frail mind

    For I cannot write emotions on paper

    And rhyme your lovely smile.


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