Decomposed body of an actress found at her apartment !


    A semi-decomposed body of a  Bengali actor  Bitasta Saha was found in her apartment in the southern part of the city’s Kasba area.

    Bitasta Saha was a small-time local actress of the Bengali entertainment industry. Her body was found hanging from the ceiling of her apartment in Kasba area. She was just 28 years old and used to live alone in her flat.

     According to the police, her mother visited the flat today after Bitasta Saha didn’t answer repeated phone calls from her mum.

    When her mother reached her home,  her mother and neighbours informed police after the actress didn’t open the door even after several knocks. The actress’s body hanging from the ceiling and was in semi-decomposed position when police broke open the door.

    According to police slit marks were present on actress’s  wrist along with several injury marks on her head too.

    Police said “Going by the preliminary signs it seems that she committed suicide. However, we are waiting for the postmortem report. The body appeared to be two-day-olds and there was a bit of stench in the room,” 

    After checking the facebook account od actress it seems that she might in depression due to some failed relationship.


    Recently she posted on her facebook wall  “U’ll never feel my anguish!” In another such post a day before she had written, “Kosto pai kimba araam, Ki ese jay tor!- which means how does it matter to you whether I’m in pain or relief ”.

    According to actress’s parents, she started living alone after getting in the relationship with the person who was already married.But her family also thinks an income tax officer was harassing her and could be a reason for her suicide or murder.

    “The family members of the victim alleged that the income tax officer, who is also married drove her to suicide. However, we have to wait till we receive the post-mortem report to be sure whether she was murdered, or whether she killed herself. Depending on that we will decide whether to start a case of murder, or abetment to suicide,” said an officer at Garfa police station


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