Dear Zindagi was copied? SRK’s Film accused of plagiarism by Canadian TV Show!


    Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt starrer film Dear Zindagi is making headlines again even after being released successfully despite demonetisation. And the reason for being back in the news is because of being accused of plagiarism by a Canadian TV Show. On which the Director of Dear Zindagi , Gauri Shinde has strongly denied it and rubbishes it by saying “film is not copied , I’m not so dumb !”

    Gauri Shinde has released a statement saying “my script is original and I haven’t watched any TV show which is in the question.” Dear Zindagi was released on November 25 , in which the King Khan had to play a role of psychologist who counsels Alia Bhatt’s character Kyra who was going through insomnia and romantic stress.

    The makers of the Canadian Show ‘Being Erica’ have sent a notice of copyright violation to the producer Dharma Productions which made the SRK and Alia Bhatt starrer Dear Zindagi.

    While Gauri Shinde is busy defending herself and film saying “Dear Zindagi is very personal film . It borrows only 1 thing and that is my life. There are millions of films and serials with therapists and doctors like my film has. Just because my film has a doctor in it does not mean it has been borrowed from another film or TV Serial which also has a doctor in it.”

    Dear Zindahi Plagiarism

                                              SRK & Alia Bhatt In A Still From The Plagiarism Accused Film Dear Zindagi.

    “Being Erica” was 1st aired on CBC in the year 2009. It is also story on the same lines like ‘Dear Zindagi’ which involves a woman who goes through a lot of stress in her life. But is it enough for the makers of Canadian show to accuse the Dharma Productions and Gauri Shindi of plagiarism ?

    Gauri Shinde also adds that “I’m not so dumb to borrow the film or TV show without giving credit , right now I’m deeply disturbed by such irresponsible comments from people who does not any clue of what they are referring to. I have not seen such series that they are referring so I cannot comment anything about it. In today’s world where everybody sees everything , then I’m not so dumb to belive that I can get away with any such plagiarism , nor I’m so insensitive to borrow someone’s else work without crediting them.

    Dharma Productions owner Karan Johar has successfully and legally remade some Hollywood films like Stepmom and Warrior in past but the accusation of plagiarism is the 1st for the company and for Dharma CEO Apoorva Mehta who says that “it is not true , we have not received any legal notice from anyone in this case!


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