Cyclone Vardah’s Severe Impact – but canopy of Jayalalithaa’s memorial remains intact !


    The impact of Cyclone Vardah is very severe as it has uprooted more than 4,000 trees in Chennai which are strewn everywhere , the massive branches of the uprooted trees blocking the roads , hoardings lying in a crumpled state giving a tough time for already disaster panicked Chennai people.

    Today morning after being hit by the Cyclone Vardah , Chennai also witnessed a maze of winds racing through a speed of 120kmph.

    Schools , day care centres and officers are closed today as the city is trying to get back to normalcy . However heavy to very heavy rains have been forecasted by the weatherman later in the day.

    Here are some quick 10 points related to the latest developments of Cyclone Vardah in Chennai :

    1.   First let us talk about the Chennai weather , skies looks cloudy but isn’t as dark as it was yesterday. No winds this morning which provided the much needed relief to the citizens and the relief teams who are trying to clear out the blocked roads.

    2.   There has also been a loss of livestock as at least 10 were killed by the Cyclone Vardah. And thousands who live in the low lying areas have been successfully evacuated from their homes to the relief camps run by the Government.

    3.   Blocked roads are not only giving tough time to the citizens but also to those who are injured by such things as an ambulance had to turn around after it confronted a huge tree trunk whose roots were uprooted by the cyclonic wind of Vardah.

    Cyclone Vardah Ripped Out 4,000 Chennai Trees. The Impact In 10 Points

    Chennai lashed by cyclonic rains and wind which uprooted more than 4,000 trees.
    4.   Chennai Airport which was closed yesterday is now active. So there will be no more delays in the air traffic.

    5.   Ferocity of the cyclonic winds of Vardah was so high that it crushed the large cars and are now lying under the uprooted trees.

    6.   The new Tamil Nadu CM O.Panneerslevam said that more than 4,000 trees were ripped and fell over , which damaged properties of citizens.

    7.   The relief camp authorities said that the main roads have been cleared but removal of trees and other junk from the residential areas will take some more days.

    8.   And the spot where Former Tamil Nadu CM J. Jayalalithaa was buried at the Marina Beach in Chennai , the canopy of her memorial has remained intact despite the heavy rains and cyclonic winds moving at the speed of 120-150kmph.

    9.   Sand bags were lined up around her memorial in order to avoid flooding. Stream of visitors still throng the memorial during this morning.

    10.   Heavy rains are expected today in Karnataka where the Cyclone Vardah has reached by today morning.


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