China has the longest 7.6km cycle way in the world located in Xiamen!


    This is about the longest elevated cycle track which is constructed in China. This construction is a great and amazing piece of artistic construction.  This track is made in the city of Xiamen in the south china.

    The architecture firm which made this cycleway is Copenhagen based firm Dissing + Weitling. This company is known for the creation of Danish Bicycle Snake Cycle Route.

    The amazing thing about the cycle way is that it took less than a year to complete from planning to the construction.

    This track is made with the view of pollution problems in the China. In last view years, the increasing pollution in the air has become one of the biggest problems in china. This cycle track is 5 meter elevated above ground level.

    In this track, only cycles will run and no vehicle is allowed. It is the longest cycle track which is 7.6 kilometer long. It is elevated above ground level so that the pollution and smoke from the vehicle does not reach near the track. The track is 2.5 meter wide. This track is just below the bus terminals.

    During an initial month trial period it will be open from 6.30am to 10.30pm, covering the city’s five major residential areas and three business centres.

    This route can carry 2023 cycles per hour at a time. There are 300 hire bikes are also available for people who do not have bicycles. Around 30,000 lights will illuminate the cycleway during the night. Large sections will be sheltered underneath an elevated motor vehicle expressway.


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