Can India build Masdar City in near future??


    The word ‘Masdar’ in Arabic means source. The city is being built on the vision to become a home for world’s leading businesses, educational institutes and researchers and 40,000 residents. Powered by renewable energy sources, this ambitious project aims to become a city of zero waste, zero carbon and a fossil fuel free city.Generating clean electricity from 17,500 Mw-hours solar plant, it will offset 15,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year.The project which started in 2008 is expected to be completed by 2025. This optimist step towards climate change from the UAE has made Masdar city a paragon of the modern world.

    Question is if Arabs can build such an iconic project in the middle of the desert, why can’t India build a Masdar City of its own?? One of the answers is Hefty investment. Masdar city project will cost the UAE billions of dollars, which is not a problem for such a wealthy rich nation. India, on the other hand, will have to dig deep into its pockets to find a penny, but having said that it is not an impossible task as India has already launched ‘Make in India’ campaign which is attracting a plethora of foreign money. Also, an indigenous project as of Masdar will create many job opportunities, which is also one of the major goals of current government. So it raises the question that ‘Can India build a Masdar city of its own in the near future’?? I mean, How hard can it be?? How challenging it can be??


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