Aspects of life


    Life is nothing but a journey filled with adventure. Each time you are running from something, you are running to move forward in that journey, trying to lose your problem on the way.

    You forget that no matter how fast you run, you will, at some point of time, stop to refuel your engine with love and affection and that’s when you realize that you can not outrun your problems. They keep following you, slow and steady And gradually cling onto you again.

    By being truthful to oneself, the problems can be narrowed down, if not eliminated.

    We all have our reach and so does our negativity. So before it catches onto you, show it who is WITH YOU IN YOUR SUPPORT. And then, even the biggest of problems will face it difficult in becoming a hurdle in your journey. It’ll take time, but, it’ll sink in and you’ll realize the strength you carry with yourself in your journey.

    You walk your journey alone, BUT, the supports stays there so that your journey never stops.

    Then what does it mean when people refer to their “DESTINATION”??

    Maybe that’s what it means to pass through the course of time… Going on about the daily course of our lives, surviving, yet trying to live.

    These things, we ignore them, but they matter to us more than we can even understand them.

    In the end, no matter how fast we are or how long we can run for,

    our problems will chase us down, and make us feel their presence till they’re not attended to…


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