2016 Kabaddi World Cup


    India is going to host the Kabaddi World Cup which is organised by The International Kabaddi Federation (IKF). The mega event will take place from 7th October till 22nd October 2016 at the Arena by TransStadia in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. There are 12 teams which will be participating in the tournament which are India, Japan, South Korea, Kenya, Iran, Australia, England, Thailand, USA, Argentina and Bangladesh. The teams will be divided in two pools i.e. Pool A & Pool B. Each pool will be having 6 teams where each team will play against others in their own pool and top two teams from each pool will be qualified for the semi-finals.

    Pool A consists of:

    1. Argentina

    2. Australia

    3. Bangladesh

    4. England

    5. India

    6. South Korea

    Pool B consists of:

    1. Iran

    2. Japan

    3. Kenya

    4. Poland

    5. Thailand

    6. USA

    Out of these 12 teams India & Iran are considered to be the title contenders. Team India will start their journey against South Korea on 7th October in the opening match of the tournament.

    Following is the schedule of the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup:

    Group Stages:

    7th October, Friday 8:00 pm: India vs South Korea

    7th October, Friday 9:00 pm: Iran vs USA

    8th October, Saturday 7:00 pm: England vs Bangladesh

    8th October, Saturday 8:00 pm: Poland vs Kenya

    8th October, Saturday 9:00 pm: India vs Australia

    9th October, Sunday 7:00 pm: Argentina vs South Korea

    9th October, Sunday 8:00 pm: USA vs Japan

    9th October, Sunday 9:00 pm: Iran vs Thailand

    10th October, Monday 8:00 pm: England vs Australia

    10th October, Monday 9:00 pm: Poland vs Thailand

    11th October, Tuesday 8:00pm: Iran vs Kenya

    11th October, Tuesday 9:00 pm: India vs Bangladesh

    12th October, Wednesday 9:00 pm: Argentina vs Australia

    13th October, Thursday 8:00 pm: Kenya vs Thailand

    13th October, Thursday 9:00 pm: Bangladesh vs South Korea

    14th October, Friday 8:00 pm: England vs Argentina

    14th October, Friday 9:00 pm: Poland vs USA

    15th October, Saturday 7:00 pm: Australia vs South Korea

    15th October, Saturday 8:00pm: Japan vs Iran

    15th October, Saturday 9:00 pm: India vs Argentina

    16th October, Sunday 7:00 pm: Thailand vs USA

    16th October, Sunday 8:00 pm: England vs South Korea

    16th October, Sunday 9:00 pm: Japan vs Kenya

    17th October, Monday 8:00 pm: Poland vs Iran

    17th October, Monday 9:00 pm: Australia vs Bangladesh

    18th October, Tuesday 8:00 pm: Kenya vs USA

    18th October, Tuesday 9:00 pm: India vs England

    19th October, Wednesday 8:00 pm: Argentina vs Bangladesh

    19th October, Wednesday 9:00 pm: Japan vs Thailand



    21st October, Friday 8:00 pm: TBD vs TBD

    21st October, Friday 9:00 pm: TBD vs TBD


    22nd October, Saturday 9:00 pm: TBD vs TBD



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