Which States Play Online games the Most?


A recent primary data-based study by indiacasino dedicated to India’s biggest online gambling states has revealed that slightly more than one of every six online casino players in the country lives somewhere in the state of Maharashtra.

Which States Play Online games the Most

Detailed anonymous analytics on affiliate traffic generated to https://www.indiacasino.io/ and the rest of the online casino sites featured on the indiacasino comparison platform show that Maharashtra houses 17.4 percent of desi online gamblers, even though the state doesn’t even reach 10 percent of India’s population.

The key factor behind this discrepancy between population size and measured casino traffic according to the authors of the study is disposable income.

Maharashtra has a relatively not-high poverty line, and relatively not-low GDP per Capita and Human Development Index (HDI) score, with all figures better than India’s averages.

What’s more important, however, is that the state has within its borders India’s largest city Mumbai together with one more sizable metro – Pune. And it is India’s big cities that hold most of the country’s middle class – some 350 million people with disposable incomes that allow them to pay more for entertainment and other non-essentials.

Tech Hubs Hyderabad and Bengaluru Push Telangana and Karnataka Up the Ranks

Tech Hubs Hyderabad and Bengaluru Push Telangana and Karnataka Up the Ranks

Southern states Karnataka, and especially Telangana, don’t impress much on the population size front, but the major tech hubs of Bengaluru and Hyderabad push up these states’ performance in terms of casino online traffic generation.

Despite having just about a third of Maharashtra’s population, Telangana ranks second in IndiaCasino’ list of India’s biggest online gambling states with a 9.9 percent share of the overall traffic, while Karnataka comes in with a share of 9.3 percent.

The research team at IndiaCasino attributes these results to the hordes of “young professionals who like innovation, digital products, and globalized services (e.g., crypto payments for gaming are on the rise)” and who walk the streets of Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

What’s even more impressive, the two southern states lead massively when it comes to generating online sports betting traffic. The online casino traction leader Maharashtra is in third place with 9.7 percent of overall sportsbook traffic, while Telangana tops the chart with 22 percent, followed by Karnataka with a 17 percent share.

Tamil Nadu and NCT Delhi Pull Similar Weights

Tamil Nadu has roughly four times the population of the National Capital Territory of Delhi, but almost two times smaller GDP per Capita. The two territorial units both rank among the leaders in online casino traffic generation with equal shares of 8.1 percent, and in sportsbook traffic with shares of 6.4 percent and 6.7 percent respectively.

India’s most populous state – Uttar Pradesh, with roughly two and a half times more residents than Tamil Nadu and NCT Delhi combined, barely manages to outperform their casino traffic shares with a result of 8.2 percent.

On the sports betting front, Uttar Pradesh fares relatively a bit better with a 7.4 percent share, but the high line of poverty and one of the lowest GDPs per Capita in India have their say.


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