Will The Growth of Online Casinos in India Boost The Country’s Entertainment Industry as a Whole?


The online casino industry in India is growing at an astonishing rate as more and more people are getting online. This has drawn the attention of developers all over the world, who are now looking to target Indian players with their games. The focus on India could have a knock-on effect on other areas of the entertainment industry, which could soon enjoy a boost. This could be enhanced by franchise synergy between various platforms, such as branded slots based on Indian films and television programs.

Why Are Online Casinos on the Rise in India?

There are numerous factors as to why online casinos are on the rise in the country, with most sources crediting the spread of internet availability as one of the primary reasons. There are now more than half a billion internet users in the country, and this is continuing to rise. Online access has spread to the rural areas of the country, encompassing a vast number of people.

Online casinos are also becoming more prevalent because there are few land-based options within the country. Only the three states of Goa, Daman, and Sikkim allow gambling, so people who live outside of these areas didn’t have many options in the past. Internet gambling sites have provided a solution for these people.

From looking at sites like CasinoWings, it is clear that online casinos are now targeting Indian players with their offers. The list of the best online casinos in India is vast, and there are competitive bonuses to entice new players. People who are just getting online for the first time will find these guides useful, as they don’t need to trawl through all the various sites themselves.

How Will This Boost the Entertainment Industry?

In the west, the online casino industry has served as a way to enhance the overall entertainment industry over the last twenty years. There is a popular franchise model in place, in which brands that want to reach a greater target audience cross over into casino games.

This has been most apparent in the slots genre. Countless slots titles have helped to promote television shows and films. These include Vikings, Rick and Morty, Narcos, Jurassic World, and Sausage Party. The list is endless. Now India’s entertainment industry could look to replicate this with its own offerings.

There are a lot of good television series coming out of India now and reaching mass audiences thanks to streaming services like Amazon Prime. Offerings like The Family Man and Made in Heaven have been hugely popular. These could reach even greater audiences through linking up with slots developers to get them to make related games. The same could be done with blockbuster Bollywood movies like Revenge: The Road to Justice.

With online casinos on the rise in India, it is only a matter of time before the rest of the entertainment industry leverages them to help cross-promote products. This could help to boost entertainment in the country, and allow it to spread to international audiences as well.


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