The Best Games to Play Online in India (2021 Edition)


Best Games to Play Online in India : With a generally young population, a penchant for technology, and a desire to connect across the internet, the widespread accessibility of smartphones and mobile data in India was always going to be the catalyst of a colossal gaming scene. Mobile gaming had already established itself as the most popular platform of the entertainment medium globally, with its free-to-play business model immediately offering the perfect gateway for potential Indian gamers.

Perhaps the key factor driving so many of the most popular games in India and around the world is the online aspect. Being based online makes games easily accessible, but using that online connection to infuse multiplayer elements gives a great deal more longevity to any given title. While just being online-based is enough for many game formats, it’s the multiplayer ones that grab the headlines. In India, PUBG Mobile was the titan of gaming, and, even now, a new release reported by needs to compare it to the now-banned game.

Even without PUBG Mobile right now, there’s a vast space of exciting online games to play in India. While mobile is the dominant platform right now, trends in PC and cross-platform gaming are revealing even more top online games.

Best online mobile games to play in 2021 | Best Games to Play Online in India

Although many areas would fall folly to the common belief fallacy, in online gaming, the titles that the crowds make popular tend to be the best games – if not for the sole fact that there are always many opponents to encounter. Of the top-grossing games in India right now, two PUBG Mobile substitutes stand out as the clear favourites. Free Fire and Call of Duty: Mobile offer tactical, action-packed first-person shooter experiences in which you predominantly take on other players online. Right now, CoD is the best online mobile FPS thanks to its extensive range of game modes, weaponry, and superb graphics that Free Fire simply can’t measure up to.

Another key area of mobile play is base-building multiplayer games. While being online-based, they blend between single-player building and multiplayer world engagement. The likes of Coin Master, Clash of Clans, and Top War: Battle Game essentially follow the same formula of building a base to get resources, using said resources to build a better base, and then taking on others around the world to take more… resources. Due to the more in-depth gameplay and vast audience available, Clash of Clans stands as the best of this genre right now.

If we’re talking innovative and adventure-driven mobile games that rank as the best, we have to look to Pokémon Go and Genshin Impact. The real-world adventure of Pokémon Go has only grown stronger over the last few years, especially because its online multiplayer battles and team dynamics have expanded significantly. Genshin Impact is the result of a developer wanting to bring a console adventure to mobiles, and it works majestically. A vast experience to enjoy solo or in multiplayer modes, online events keep the game going.

Best Online PC Games to Play in 2021

Right now, the PUBG Mobile team is hard at work to re-launch a much more India-facing version of its popular game, and so, it will almost certainly breakthrough as the best and most popular mobile game to play online. In the growing realms of PC gaming in India, though, there’s a far more vast and diverse space of new, in-depth, and tech-driven gaming options. Intel has noticed this trend and reported a massive uptick in PC and gaming PC sales across India last year.

Headlining the increasingly-popular platform is a classic form of gaming now found adopting the latest technology online. As reported by, there are many online casinos available in India, with the best of them featuring the top games of live dealer Teen Patti, baccarat, blackjack, and rummy. Most casino gaming nations gravitate towards slots, but in India, it’s all about card games. Due to the innovations behind the real-time game and the experience that it offers, Live Teen Patti stands as the best online game here.

Through PC game launchers, the team-based, steep learning-curve title DOTA 2 and shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive command large audiences on the subcontinent. CS:GO continues the trends of Indian players gravitating towards high-quality FPS titles, while DOTA 2 is widely seen in competitive gaming as being the epitome of eSports. The viewing of gaming helps to drive these titles, but perhaps the best online game being driven by eSports enthusiasts right now is Valorant. It’s already seen a hefty burst of interest in India, owing to its first-person, fast-paced, tactical gameplay that combines powers and abilities with shooting mechanics.

There are so many great and popular online games available across India right now, with even more to breakthrough as the year progresses. As it stands, though, look to these titles for the top online gaming experience.


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