Is Blockchain The Future Of Online Gaming Technology?


Cryptocurrency has become a worldwide trend in recent years. Various industries are benefiting and using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies; online gaming technology is no exception. As per a survey conducted by Wax, 75% of plays prefer cryptocurrency over conventional ones for various reasons. This digital currency allows punters to trade and accumulate virtual assets, which can be swap and traded across the world.

blockchain vs gaming

Sheer luck is most rare or legendary in online gambling. On some bright sunny day, the lady luck smiles at you, and mostly it is gloomy and dismal. To leverage the luck factor, you need a unique weapon, which can be effectively applied on a real-time basis. The smoking gun is the Blockchain technology that will give you a sharp edge over other gamers. Some make a fortune by selling a few rare items. But the way is not contemporary and often rudimentary and tiresome. One need not use cryptocurrency to sell antique; it could be traded online effortlessly.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology evolves around storing transaction records as blocks, as the database in the public domain is known as a chain. The connection is a peer- to- peer nodes; it is a ledger in digital form. Every transaction carries a digital signature, which makes it authentic. The digital signature of the owner safeguards the document from tampering and third party interface. The wholes process makes the ledger secure and safe. In a nutshell, this digital ledger is akin to a Google spreadsheet, shared between numerous computers through a secure network. The ledger stores all transactions based on the accurate purchase. The fascinating aspect is the data are canceled from viewers, and subsequently, it could not tamper.

When you transfer real-time money from your bank, you need to login into the bank account and transfer it to the beneficiary. After completion of the transaction, it is reflected on your bank statement. But a crucial issue is mostly overlooked. The security threat involved in these transactions apprehends many who know the truth. To eliminate this vulnerability, Blockchain technology is created.

In the Domain of Gaming

Blockchain technology has been in the digital world for some time and in a bounty of other standards. But the Blockchain technology is taking baby steps in online gaming technology. Many leading online gaming sites like dominoqq are putting a lot of endeavors to change the scenario. Efforts are put to make transactions transparent and give a fairer chance to gamers. One can transact in cryptocurrency through an e-wallet; you can send or receive cryptocurrency via a digital wallet. Fiscal strategies adopted in online gaming are in the form of app purchasing, advertising, and referral marketing.

Through app purchasing, you can buy items, coins, extra life, and custom characters directly related to games. Players can earn cryptocurrency by watching online ads, filling survey forms in-app advertising. In affiliate marketing, by referring a friend, signing up for some free offer, you can earn n a commission, though this concept is new and catching up. Many online gambling websites have started accepting Bitcoin, where they can stake and win in digital assets.


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