How to Play Solitaire Games – Learn Multiple Ways


It’s no surprise that playing Solitaire card games deals with your leisure in the best way. They are a good choice to spend spare time with as they remove your stress for free. They can provide you great enjoyment along with a curiosity to grab the game the next day again.

How to Play Solitaire Games

Obviously, the most important thing you should know is the rules, doesn’t matter you play single or in a group. But, there are so many versions of free Solitaire nowadays, how do you master all the specifics? To help you with this, we’ve prepared this post that discloses the details of the three popular games. Download on App Store !

How to Play Solitaire Games - Learn Multiple Ways

3 Solitaire Variations That Can Be Interesting for You

  1. Classic Solitaire

The classic Solitaire arrangement is the most famous one. It is known because of its simplicity and involvement. The rules are easy since the only goal is to move all the cards from the tableau and stock to the foundation piles. If you pick Solitaire online, you won’t waste time creating the layout. For this variant of the game, you’ll be given 7 piles with the number of cards in each from 1 to 7 growing gradually. The last thing is each column has its top card faced up. After building the tableau, the leftover cards are stack. Relocate the available ones, open new cards, and in the end, you’ll arrange all the 52 cards into 4 piles according to suits from Aces to the Kings.

  1. Clock Solitaire

Clock version is a must in case you like to play Solitaire with specific features. Talking about its arrangements, you have to first make 12 piles of cards in a clock manner, and the 13th pile will be placed at the center of the circle. The game will start with facing up a card from the center pile and placing it face-down beneath the cards on its corresponding clock position.

Now, one should flip the top card from that pile that he just placed a card under. Keep playing until all the stocks are face up.

Note: The clock position for cards 2-10 is the same as the position of their clock value. Ace has clock value 1, Jack 11, Queen 12, and King at the center URL .

  1. Monte Carlo Solitaire

In this game, the layout is a 5×5 grid of face-up cards. Leftover ones should be put at stack. The aim is to move all the cards one by one into the discard pile. Pairs of cards can be moved to the discard pile if they are horizontally, vertically, or diagonally adjacent to each other. The grid is reformed after all the possible pairs are moved. The stock is used again to complete the grid and in the same way, the cards go on being eliminated into the discard pile until the stack is exhausted.


What makes Solitaire the most popular card game over the internet is the number of ways it can be played. If you want to kill your time in the best of fun, you can try out any of the mentioned variations or choose any other that seems to be more interesting for you. Just learn the rules attentively, create strategies to achieve better results, and you’ll like this kind of leisure!


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