Fast Withdrawals Are Key for Real Money Gaming Online


The latest Casino Days payments research paper analyzes aggregate internal operator data on player behavior patterns around deposit and withdrawal methods in real money casino gaming in the region of South Asia.

IndianTalks - Fast Withdrawals Are Key for Real Money Gaming Online

The research team at Casino Days share anonymous user statistics derived from a 5-month period between January and May 2023, and study a number of important aspects connected with transferring payments to and from i-gaming websites, including the following data points:

  • Which are the most popular payment methods?
  • What are the current market trends?
  • What is revealed by data on transaction numbers, total values and success rates?
  • Are there any differences in the behavior of different player groups?
  • How important are the speed and smoothness of withdrawals?

The major conclusion arrived at by the researchers is raising the importance of seamless withdrawals to the status of the single most crucial factor determining player trust and engagement with an online casino platform.

Digital, Card, Wallet, and Crypto Payments Diversify Online Casino Transaction Methods

Looking at the findings in the research paper on payments by Casino Days, we see that the bulk of deposits and withdrawals in the region are processed through application and banking gateways optimized to be used from mobile phones.

Smartphone apps of global or regional scale like Google Pay or locally-grown Paytm and PhonePe have delivered 87% of the total number of transactions for the observed period and 71% of the total transacted value.

Most of these apps can function as standalone wallets or can be integrated into national-wide payment systems like India’s UPI (Unified Payments Interface).

Credit and debit cards from global (VISA, MasterCard) and local (RuPay) issuers are the second most popular method of making deposits and withdrawals. Notably, card payments are preferred more by seasoned online casino players, as opposed to non-seasoned players, and typically carry bigger monetary values than smartphone app-based transactions.

Payment wallets like Neteller and Skrill, and crypto payments are not so popularly used among real money games in South Asia, but add diversity to the payment options offered by the operator.

Cryptocurrency payments have the highest success rate of all method categories, and the highest average value per single transaction, but the lowest footprint of just 0.10% of the registered transactions and 1.00% of the total transacted value.

Regardless of Payment Method, Seamless Withdrawals Build Trust

“Fast withdrawals are just as much about being able to receive funds fast as it is about trust between a player and the casino,” the Casino Days research team conclude their study by stressing the main point of their findings.

Nobody can be realistically expected to play at an online casino if their deposit isn’t processed to become playable fast enough. However, the datasets analyzed by Casino Days can serve as a solid proof that players consider fast withdrawals to be of higher or at least equal importance.

“Delayed withdrawals and complicated verification processes can easily deter players from depositing in the first place, as they feel there is a risk they won’t get the funds back, either at all or within an acceptable timeframe,” the researchers explain.

Withdrawal Pages Attract the Biggest Organic Acquisition Traffic

Earlier research on payment methods in India – one of the major and most sizable online gambling markets  in the South Asian region, published by ENV Media (Esse N Videri Media), backs up the conclusions made by Casino Days.

The ENV study, based on the analysis of organic acquisition traffic data on close to 1.3 lakh users on the Bet Rally India platform between April 2021 and April 2022, reveal that the site’s withdrawal pages are among the top most visited.

Safe from the index page and Betway’s branded page, the platform’s withdrawals section is the third most popular (12,997 users), and boasts the highest conversion rate (18.83%) and one of the lowest bounce rates (57.54%).

Taken together with the Paytm withdrawals page (3,295 users), the category attracts the most visits on the site, the ENV researchers highlight and point to similar patterns revealed by SevenJackpots and other online casino comparison platforms.


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