Dream11 Makes Every Gaming Fantasy Come True


When it comes to the online platform of fantasy leagues, the name Dream11 is something that no one can miss. Created almost a decade ago, Dream11 is the brainchild of sports enthusiasts and fast friends Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth. With the hope and hunch that fantasy leagues were the future of online gaming, the two friends had set out to create a platform for people to come together and relive their love for sports.  

Back in 2008, Harsh Jain, the co-founder, had been actively looking for a fantasy league platform in India. However, much to his shock and dismay, India did not have a fantasy league platform, even though it celebrated cricket as a religion. And so began the two friend’s journey to establish a fantasy league gaming platform exclusively for Indian users. After three years of experimenting and trying various formats, Dream11 finally launched a fantasy cricket league. And the rest is history. 

Today, this online fantasy gaming platform has over 52.5 million users worldwide. Plus, it allows its users to play fantasy games like cricket, hockey, football, kabaddi and basketball.

Dream11 is not just any fantasy league platform, but a game of skills. It offers sports junkies a single-match daily where they can use their knowledge and display their skills in a particular sport. In exchange, they get full bragging rights and winnings for their exemplary virtual sportsmanship. 

Players can also be team owners, rather than just spectators. People can create their own real-life player’s teams for upcoming matches and record points based on the players’ on-field performance while competing with other users. Dream11 offers both, free and paid contests. A user has to pay a certain fee to join a contest and can win exciting prizes. However, to participate in a Dream11 game, a user must be at least 18 years old.

Though, initially an alien product in the Indian market, Dream11 has been running successfully, winning the hearts and minds of people all over the country. With a brand ambassador like Mahendra Singh Dhoni and official league partners like IPL, ICC, NBA, Pro Kabaddi, ISL etc., the gaming platform has made it big in the virtual fantasy league market. 

Furthermore, Dream11 has successfully extended a philanthropic arm called Dream11 Foundation. This foundation, by the fantasy league platform, aims to help aspiring athletes to grow and achieve their dreams. Currently, the Dream11 Foundation has pledged Rs.3 crores over a period of 3 years to support IFSG’s athlete support programme,, Stars of Tomorrow.  A programme created to identify future sports protégés, the selection of the athletes is led by GoSports. The athletes that are selected for the Stars of Tomorrow programme are then offered support through the Dream11 Foundation in hopes of achieving their sporting goals. 

Considering the fact that the fantasy league gaming industry is user-based, Dream11 hopes to double the number of users to over 100 million by 2020. And when it does, it will be the centre face in the race to lure more fans to the fantasy league market.

For any and every sports lover, the true on-field experience is as captivating as it is rare. Dream11 helps give the dull reality of avid sports fans a fantastical twist with its versatile fantasy league platform. This way they can not only play the game the way they want to but also earn a few benefits out of it. 

With a bit of patience and a whole lot of skill and love for a sport, Dream11 makes every gaming fantasy come true.


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