Debunking the Myths of Online Gaming Casino


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There are many myths circling the concept of online gambling, much like what happens in the real world. Indian players can bet online easily but they are always held by certain “facts” that people throw their way. There are myths around the habits, the techniques, the unfair behavior of the gambling authorities that funnily enough, tickled my ribs quite a bit. 

As funny as they may seem, allow me to debunk some common myths about the indian casino games.

Myth 1: Online Casino Games are Rigged

Let us start with the most common assumptions of all. Many assume the virtual state of these online casinos allow them to rigged in the house’s favor. The casinos are aware of the smart players that they interact with every day and even offer a player history to help the knowledgeable ones to analyze the gameplay to check if any of the algorithms point towards the game being rigged. 

Moreover, it wouldn’t be very good for business either to rig the games in their own favor as bad press in this age of viral news can lead to some serious reputation damaged beyond repair. 

Myth 2: Card Counting is Easy in Online Gambling

Here is another fun one! Since the inception of gambling, several players have tried card counting to gain an edge over the players, but have promptly been escorted out and often banned as well. 

Though you won’t be kicked out, you cannot count cards as they are shuffled, all the 8 decks- at every hand. And since we are talking about a computer here, shuffling after every hand is fairly possible. As a result, every hand that you are about to play is the first hand of the shoe. 

Myth 3: Winners Don’t Get Their Money

This is a rather interesting myth people believe in, especially those who haven’t played in these online casinos at all! On the contrary, casinos benefit from these winners as happy customers always come back to their “turf.” Therefore, in order to keep their customers coming back, they give the winners their due prize. 

Another reason why they don’t mind giving money because frankly speaking, there is a lot more where that came from and renders this unethical act rather moot. 

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On a few occasions, where the casino thought that they can get away without paying up, the very vocal players sensationalized the news and it was shut down within a few days. Who would want that fate?

Myth 4: Winning Too Much? The Games Might Freeze

The fault in this month is as clear as day. If a player is winning too much, evidently, he would be betting at the same rate as well! He would have his hands full and this is a great thing for the casinos. 

Why would they freeze their potential high paying customer’s chances of putting in some more bets? There have been instances when the games have frozen over in between but that was sole because of a communication lag or breaking down of the player’s device. This shooting their own foot action perceived by most is pure myth.


There are many other myths that make us chuckle but these discussed topics take away the biscuit. I hope I managed to clear some lingering doubts that you might have had and now you have a better perception of online gambling. 

So do check out some of the most engaging online casino games, which will excite you as well offer you the chance to win this New Year!


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