Data helps online gaming scale up—Here’s how


Data is king, especially in the online gaming sector. In India, whose online gaming industry has seen an explosion of growth in the past year, there is a surplus of data—and this can help businesses scale up, as long as it’s harnessed correctly.

Data Science’s Strategic Impact In Online Gaming

India’s gaming market, which is largely mobile-first, has been experiencing a massive growth that’s amplified by the mass availability of low-cost mobile phones and high-speed internet penetration complemented with affordable data plans. This has pushed the country to the top spot worldwide when it comes to mobile game downloads with 7.3 billion installs, or 17 percent market share of installed volume, according to SensorTower data.

Statista numbers show that the Indian gaming industry’s value has shot up from $23.5 billion in FY 2014 to $62 billion in FY 2019, and then to $90 billion in FY 2020—driven by the growth of engagement amid the ongoing lockdown brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Also fueling the rapid rise of India’s gaming market are segments including esports, mobile casual gaming and real money gaming like those on SevenJackpots’ online casino platform or at off-shore websites like

Data helps online gaming scale up

This growth has also led to a surplus of data, such as registration or first visits, payment methods, playing and interaction time, withdrawals, activity peaks, and scores, among others. This is where data science comes in—and even helps online gaming companies and service providers scale up.

Tarun Gupta, founder of online esports platform Ultimate Battle, told Analytics India Mag: “Data processing and analyzing is an integral part of any industry. It is used to facilitate and control multiple aspects of the business. So if we are to question the role of data analysis in the gaming industry, it will play a pivotal role in understanding and shaping the gaming industry.”

More Data Creates More Remote Jobs

Data analytics will not only help gaming companies build robust and challenging environments for players, but big data solutions—such as those built with the help of machine learning algorithms—can also help detect unusual behavioral patterns that can ultimately lead to the prevention of potential hacks and fraudulent incidents.

Arguably among the biggest benefits of data science are better engagement—providers can improve their content using data insights—and monetization, in which online gaming platforms are ensured revenue in whatever business model they have, be it free-to-play, pay and play, or freemium.

Put simply, data analysis brings to light the key insights that will help businesses identify the market to target. For instance, ENV Media recently recruited Svilen Madjov as the industry researcher for SevenJackpots—Madjov is tasked with the overall responsibility of the ongoing research and analysis of the Indian gambling market, with a goal of gathering relevant in-depth data for SevenJackpots users.

Felicia Wijkander, editor-in-chief of, said: “Entertainment and education go hand-in-hand at SevenJackpots. Svilen’s addition to the team as Industry Researcher further strengthens our position as market-leaders of trustworthy, authoritative, and engaging gambling content. He is also the perfect addition at the perfect moment, with his research moving in sync with our migration to further enhance our brand beyond the industry standard.”


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