Are iGaming and Sportsbook Bonuses Worth Your Attention?


Whether you’re new to playing online real money games or not, you’ve probably already noticed how generous operators are when it comes to giving out bonuses.

Sometimes, these bonuses are too big that there are people who don’t even bother to think that they’re for real.

Casino and bookie sites could go as much a hundred percent worth of bonus. Some even promise up to 300 percent but are they worth getting?

Generally, the answer to this question is a yes. Casino bonuses are free money but only usually to a certain extent. We’ll talk more about that later.  What’s certain is that getting any amount of casino bonus could lengthen your gameplay and even score you a free bet if you’re into sports wagering.

When shopping for a gambling site, there are always certain factors to consider but sometimes newbies tend to neglect other important factors too as soon as they see the amount of bonus that an operator offers. When browsing through online betting apps on and other casino review sites, you can immediately see what bonuses are offered and it’s understandable why many would end up deciding which casino is best based on this factor alone.

However, it’s always better to put critical thinking in place when it comes to these things. This is especially if you’re after profiting from online gambling activities. The smarter you are when it comes to utilizing these bonuses, the more likely it is that you’ll earn more. With that said, know that availing of a casino bonus doesn’t always equate to earning more money.


How the Bonuses Work

Know that online casinos and bookies have different bonuses to offer. It’s common for you to see a tempting welcome bonus because this is their way of getting new customers. The competition between these online operators is getting tough and they always need to find ways to gain more customers. Surely offering more money and chances to their players does the job. However, bonuses always come with terms.

Reading the fine print is important because it will let you know what will make you eligible for the bonus. For example, some sites only offer a welcome bonus to new players who will be depositing a specific amount to their gaming account.

Aside from eligibility, you will also have to check on how soon you can get the bonus itself. Once a bonus is credited to your gaming account, it is typical for operators to not let you withdraw it right away. They would usually set up a wagering requirement for you to get that bonus and in many cases, people don’t even get to withdraw these bonuses at all because they’ve already used it up to reach a wagering requirement.

A wagering requirement could differ from one casino site to another. Some sites would require at least 10 to 15 rollovers. Some would set an amount for total rollovers instead. A rollover is basically how much you need to bet to be able to withdraw your bonus.

Rotwire explains rollovers as this:

“One site may have a $100 cash bonus and 5x rollover. That means if you deposit $100, you can get a $100 bonus, but per the terms and conditions, you won’t be able to withdraw any money until you complete a 5x rollover from the deposit and bonus. That means once you get the $200 following a deposit ($100 deposit and $100 bonus), you’ll have to bet $1,000 to be eligible for withdrawal, which equates from $200 x 5 = $1,000.”

Is it Worth It Then?

Indeed, bonuses are worthy of your attention but not all bonuses can be worth getting. With the example provided above, there are types of bonuses that could make you end up spending more. Some are willing to take this because they are taking a look at their profits on a larger scale but if you’re someone who won’t gamble regularly, it’s best to go for direct bonuses with low wagering requirements.

The best way to go about these bonuses is having a mindset that they don’t necessarily equate to instant money. Bonuses are mainly there to better your chances of earning more instead of prolonging your gameplay. With bonuses, you get to have more spins when playing slot machine games. Some bookies offer free bets on certain sports events.

What’s just important is that you understand the terms that operators have set for you to get these bonuses. It will always depend on how much you will be playing to make a bonus worth it.


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