A Rapid Growth in Esports Betting Sites in India


What is Esports Betting?

The term Esports defines sports which are played online. Now a days online games/sports is in trend especially amongst youth. There are lots of gamers across the world who love to play video games. These games are played in organized and competitive manner where players play online in team-based format or individually against each other. Esports can be played through PCs, consoles and mobiles. Esports betting refers to wagering in online sports industry. There was a time when esports was played just for fun and entertainment. However, the concept of esports has become vast and not limited to fun. There are professional gamers who play and earn money. Professionals and experts bet money/skin on these esports and earn rewards out of it.

Esports Betting and India

Esports betting in India has gained a lot of traction over a couple of decades. The explosive growth and promotions of various Esports Betting Sites estimated the Indian esports betting market worth INR 43.8 Billion and expected a rapid increase in coming years.

There are few top Indian Esports sites where the professionals tend to bet, like Bet365, betway, 1Xbet, Unibet etc.

Popular Sports in Esports Betting Sites in India

.CS:GO – CS:GO stands for Counter Strike: Global Offensive, is the world wide popular game to bet on Esports in India. This is generally the game that Indian Esports bookies offer the most odds on. This requires registration process and selection of best site to bet on.

DOTA 2 – Being one of the another biggest Esports games in Asia, a lot of Indian thrill seekers are looking to bet on DOTA2. It has professional tournaments with huge prizes. With plenty of these fantastic tournaments to place Dota2 bets on. The bet on Dota 2 is not limited to the finance but there is also possible to bet Dota 2 Skins & items

League of Legends Betting – As its name, LoL require thorough knowledge to bet and make money. It is however possible to use knowledge of the game and the competitive scene to earn little extra by placing real money bets on the professional team that are betting it out.

Apart from these, there are few other betting game variants like Fortnite, Overwatch, Call of Duty, Valorant, PubG etc.

Let’s talk about the types of betting in Esports Industry

Real Money Betting – The bet is decided on a certain amount in currency and get paid out of it if selections are correct. The winners are of individual game basis as well as overall game basis. Real money betting mainly done on sports like Dota 2, CS:GO, League of Legend etc. It is also called traditional betting.

Skin Betting – This is one of the most popular betting sites where the betting is done through skin/ item. In this, the gambles take place on items and get auctioned and traded by different sites.

Social Betting – Social betting is a kind of informal bet takes place between friends/relatives/colleagues on a particular esports. This bet is might be of real money or skin.

Fantasy Betting – This is not technically betting at all, since it’s just like daily fantasy sports for traditional sports, but we build our rosters using esports players instead.

Esports Betting and Indian Law

Esports gambling in India owned by the State Govt and the legal status is different from State to State. A sport which is legally approved in one state might be illegal in another so it is difficult to mention which esports is unbanned in which state. The Public Gambling Act, 1867 is the central enacted on the subject, which has been adopted by certain States of India like Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh etc.


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