5 Ways to Make Money Through Gambling


While gambling is an amusing hobby for many, it can be turned into a moneymaker. If you aren’t sure how to start earning money with gambling, we have you covered. In this post, we share the five best ways to make money with your favorite free time activity. Once you go through them, you can pick the best match for your preferences.

ways to make money online

Matched Bettor

Becoming a matched bettor is pretty straightforward. The point is to take advantage of the free bets and keep the money you win. Online sites such as Comeon India offer bonuses and promotions to attract new users. Offering free bets is a common practice among online websites, which want to attract new customers. After you sign up, you can get started with a free bet, and you are entitled to keep the winnings. This method is suitable for beginners and people that don’t have cash at the moment.

Value Bettor

If you are a sports enthusiast and have extensive knowledge, you will become the ultimate value bettor. This way of making money is all about knowing more than the bookies and beating them at their own game. When you know more than the oddsmakers, you can win the difference. 


Being an arbitrager is a lucrative way to earn money when betting. This method highlights the differences between different bookmakers and includes betting on other outcomes. Place your bet with varying bookmakers on different results for a guaranteed win. While this might seem time-consuming, don’t give up yet. You can find these bets using special software which notifies you about the open possibilities. However, make sure to be careful to avoid closing your account. Bookmakers don’t like arbitrageurs and will do their best to prevent betting since they will win money. If you wish to become an arbitrager, you need to have previous experience in betting.

Sports Trader

The concept is similar to the stock markets, where the investment banks and hedge funds use their strategies accordingly. You can buy and sell bets and earn your money even before the event happens. There are no bookies included, so you compete in an open marketplace. It works on the same principle as stock markets. As a trader, you will buy when the price is at the lowest point. Then, you track the growing prices and sell when it gets at its highest point. This means that you earn money from the price difference. 

Playing poker

Poker is a famous card game, and it’s possible to earn money attracts many people. However, the fact that everyone is so into poker makes it more difficult. If you wish to earn money through poker, you need to be better than your competition. 

Even though your skills might be better than your competition, you still need to consider the rake. The casino will take a percentage from each game, so you need to be good enough to cover it. 

If you thought that only professional poker players are the ones that win big money, you are wrong. The biggest whiners are the ones that shark players with poor skills. If you wish to improve your poker skills, start checking online guides. Join the sites that offer free bonuses and practice your poker strategies to grasp your playing style. 

Another way to earn with playing card is being a card counter. When playing blackjack, you need to keep track of the cards to know which ones are left. If you are skilled enough to do this, you can manage to earn money this way.


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