Oneplus 5T to Go on Sale in India on Friday


Oneplus 5T to Go on Sale in India on Friday : Oneplus 5T is all set to come up with certain changes as the company has announced to introduce a perfects smartphone for all its customers. By introducing the new OnePlus 5T launched in india, the company has joined the hottest trend in 2017. Coming to the features of this superb OnePlus 5T launched in india, it comes with a 6 inch OLED display which is a bit taller than the previous model. There are much more changes that the phone makers have done in the smartphone.

Overall, the mobile will be a refined version of Oneplus 5. There’s a good news for all the camera loving person, OnePlus emphasized heavily on the novel camera. It will have a “Low-light camera” instead of the telephoto lens. The sensor of both the phone remains as the same the company won’t see any benefit in changing it. Although  they have added a new lens that has an aperture of f/1.7 which allow plenty of light to get captured on clicking photos. It means that the phone user would easily click the smooth photo in the dark light. While launching this mobile, the company spokesperson have described about the secondary camera that the phone allows the camera to automatically shift to secondary camera in scenes with dark light or low-lighting. So the phone will be the best for all those who love to click photos and front shooter selfies.

Oneplus 5T to go on sale on friday

Oneplus 5T Price : Go on Sale in India on Friday

As per the reports coming out from the sources, The OnePlus will be sold on sale in Europe, India and the United States starting on November 21st.Talking about the price of this phone in Indian Rupees then the price will be INR 32,999 for 64GB Model.On the other hand, for the  128GB model, it will cost you around INR 37,999. The price of this smartphone is in the range as of OnePlus 5 that will infuriate the users of OnePlus 5.  You can get this smartphone in this november month as the smartphone will be available in an 1-hour early access sale on You can also buy it on company’s official website, from 12pm to 1pm IST, open to all customers. 

Reviews done by NDTV : Oneplus 5T to Go on Sale in India on Friday

As per the review done by NDTV, they have found the phone to marginally better than the OnePlus 5. Users will found a number of changes in the features as well as in the hardware properties. As per the NDTV news, the new OnePlus 5T launched in india is looks like a futuristic device and packs with such good features.  So overall, new Oneplus 5T is more appealing than the previous one and people will be happy to buy it at the same cost. In addition, the phone will have a low-light sensor which is more useful than a telephoto lens. Those who use like frame some shots will definitely miss this as they have not get it in this smartphone. This is all about OnePlus 5T launched in india. 


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