How Have Sony Mobile Phones Offerings Advanced Over Time?


Sony Mobile Phones: Sony is one of the world’s biggest technology companies but, up to now, it has failed to challenge the big guns in the mobile phone market. Things may be about to change, though, as the Japanese corporation has advanced its smartphone options and thought about who it wants to market its products to. Here is a look at how Sony’s latest offerings compare to those that came before.

The Early Offerings

Until recently, some people may not have even been aware that Sony made mobile phones. Prior to the turn of the millennium, the Japanese company only had a 1 percent share of the global mobile market. Ericsson was the third-biggest provider throughout the 1990s but, after a supply chain issue, it was at risk of bankruptcy. The two companies merged in August 2001 to become Sony Ericsson.

The offerings from this merger made profit between 2004 and 2007, but this was followed by significant losses in 2008 and 2009. One of the more successful models was the P990, which could be considered an early predecessor to smartphones. It came with the ability to browse the web, and also had support for video calls with the VGA camera.

sony mobile phones

Adapted to Modern Gaming Audiences

Sony’s mobile offerings in the pre-smartphone era are hardly memorable, and the company realized it had to change its methods in order to compete with the giants. One of the main ways that smartphone developers have been able to appeal to users is by targeting gamers. 60 percent of people play games via the portable device, so the technology has to be suited to their needs.

One of the most lucrative gaming sectors for mobile is the online casino industry. Indeed, more people play online casino games from smartphones nowadays, so developers of the games gear their offerings to these smaller screens. Slots like Wolf Gold and Augustus at sites like have been adapted for mobile audiences and the visual experience has been enhanced as graphics capabilities have improved on mobile devices. For this reason, Sony’s modern smartphones in the Xperia range have a heavy focus on viewer experience.

The Future

The Xperia phones from Sony have been successful, and the company has spent some time in the top ten global smartphone vendors. In 2015, there was a period when Sony Mobile had the highest per-handset profit of any Android device. However, there has been some criticism of the smartphones. One of the biggest peeves of customers is not being able to work out which the higher-end models are due to the complex naming system, as discussed by

In the future, Sony should probably look toward streamlining its marketing and making its range easier to understand. It would be wise to follow Apple and Samsung’s lead in this regard. Both of the two main smartphone providers are famous for releasing a spectrum of offerings with each update. Most users know which ones are the cheapest and which are top of the range.

Sony’s forays into mobile have varied greatly over the last two decades, but the company is beginning to get a firmer grip on the market. By understanding what people use the phones for, and making the model names easier to understand, it could soon challenge the likes of Apple and Samsung.


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